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Re: All of your vendors - POST EM UP--Also did you have kids on the guest list?

I was wondering if you ladies, and I know this is asking ALOT, could repost your vendors and add what your total budget was BEFORE everything, if you came in UNDER or OVER budget, how much, etc.  I know it's asking ALOT, but my FI and myself have prices that are all over the place with vendors, venues, caterers, photography, etc.  I think FI's mom is going to be paying for everything when it comes to the "big day", but we are thinking that the "unspoken of budget" is somewhere in the $10K-$12K range.  Mind you, we are only planning on having 40-50 guests.  I'm not trying to get "personal", but any and all help is greatly appreciated!Cool  Our 3 venues on the top of our list we are visiting in September are The Sanderling Inn, Jeannette's Pier, and The Whalehead Club.  3 unique and different places exclusive of each other.

Also, we are up in the air about inviting kids.  My close friends each have kids.  Thoughts on having kids at ceremony/reception or not???  Did all of you?

Re: Re: All of your vendors - POST EM UP--Also did you have kids on the guest list?

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    Just to help you out, you might want to go to these websites and check out their fees so you will not die of sticker shock.  And believe me, as the MOB, it is a sticker shock!

    Whalehead Club Wedding and Private Event Manager at 252.305.0401 or [email protected]  (several $K)

    If you are having only 40+ guests, you might want to think about renting a large house.  I have seen that several brides did that, pushed all the furniture to one side to have a dance floor.  Several were having their reception around the pool area.  One house that I loved in Corolla was Family Ties which might work out well.  Being an event home, you could have your family split the cost of the house for everyone to stay together.

    Good luck.

    BTW, we are using 108 Budleigh (in Manteo) for the reception and Coastal Provisions to cater.
    108 Budleigh has a great room upstairs w. TV, games, sofa, etc. for kids to hang out.  We are having just a few.
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    My first thought with the Sanderling was CHA-CHING!  We looked there for or wedding (around 30 people) and there was no way would could meet their minimums.  Not sure about the pricing of your other too.  The pier would have been one of our options, but we're getting married next Friday so it wasn't a choice when we were planning last summer. 

    Our total budget is $14,000-15,000 but that includes our two week rental house.  I have an excel spreadsheet that breaks down our actual wedding budget with final vendor costs. I can email it if you'd like.  It's pretty final... the only number not included is our consumption bar, which we'll have after the wedding next week.  Shoot me a PM with your email address if interested.
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    Philly...I suggest going with an event home as your reception location. Thats what we are doing!! We are also only having about 40 guests and a lot of places in OBX have minimums, which are pretty hard to reach with so few guests.
    And being you are from central pa(same as me..where are you exactly??) I would say you almost have to invite your guests children especially when you are asking them to travel such distance. Unless they have some at home who is willing to babysit for a week(if your guests are staying that long)!!!!
    We are getting marred in Sept...when are you visiting?!
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    I never even considered going to any of these places, but after seeing the prices I would agree with everyone that renting a house is the way to go. We rented a 7 bedroom house that was ocean front with a private pool the week before memorial day and it cost about $3200 for the whole week.  We paid for the house and my parents paid for a 5 bedroom house right next door. This allowed more people to come because they didn't have to pay for a room, and it didn't cost any more than one of these places cost for just one night.
    We planned for 50 people, but a lot of people backed out a the last minute so we ended up with 35. We got it catered by Currituck BBQ and it was less than $20/person for 3 meats, 3 sides, 3 apps. We got our cake from just desserts (it was for 50 people) and it was $400 for a beach themed cake. The officiant was Lora Luce- she was $250 w/ no rehersal- which was about half the price of any other officiant in the obx, which was unbelievable, but true. We had 5 hrs of photography for $800 (it was a weekday 2010 price- i think the prices have gone up since then). We did not have a DJ. I got my dress online for $300.
    Because we had everyone staying in the house the kids were invited.
    Our budget wasn't set in stone, but we wanted to spend about $10,000 on the wedding. We were right at that for everything for the whole week- including the house, all wedding costs, groceries for the week, beer for the week, some new strapless bathing suits and dresses for me, etc.
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    Hi Philly & Welcome to the board!
    Hopefully we can help you with your planning. Our budget is also 10,000 and we haven't gone over thus far. We are expecting about 50 people, so it can be done!We are using The Pearl in Kill Devil Hills for our venue so I'm sorry but I don't have much info on the Sanderling, Jeanettes or Whalehead. I've been to both Jeanette's and Whalehead and based only on looks and location, I would chose Jeanette's. They just had their re-opening and the location is beautiful. I would (if you haven't already) inquire on their inclusive packages to see if they would work with your budget. We originally wanted to rent a large event home and use it for our reception space, but the cost of renting everything (tables, glassware, etc) ended up costing more that just using The Pearl's.

    As far as kids at the wedding, we are expecting about 10-15 children between the ages of 2 months to 10 yrs. old. It's up to you if you want them to be included or not but we, like you guys, have many friends who have young children and we couldn't imagine not inviting the whole family to attend. We are making up some activity books for the kid's table to keep them entertained.

    Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask away!
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    We had a budget of 50K and came a little under.  We had about 65 guests.

    House: The Grande Ritz Palm
    Flower: Blooms
    Caterer: Red Sky
    Cake: Just Cakes
    Planner: The Proper Setting
    Music: All The Right Grooves
    Officiant: Rev Jay
    Photographer: Island Photograhy
    Video: Outer Banks Productions
    Hair: Dimenions
    Nails: Hairoics
    Rental: Metro Rental
    Transportation: Sandy BeachTours

    We did have kids but they were all family so it was hard to not include them.  ne of my good friends is getting married this summer and is putting a note in her invitations.  I know she found a way to word it that did not come off rude.  I also ask my planner if there were any babysittng services that we could hire to be at the house so parents could still bring their kids, but then have them go inside to watch a movie with the sitter.
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    I completely agree with Sarah on the event home.  It seems like it would be cheaper, but when all is said and done, its really not.  By the time you rent the tables, chairs, linens, tent (if one is even allowed at the house - we HAD to have a tent bc I'm so afraid of rain ruining things), event home fee (this is an extra $1500-2500 the rental company tacks on just because you are having a wedding). Its just insane.

    We are having 100-125 people and ended up going with 108 Budleigh, which is gorgeous.  It is mostly indoor but also has a small patio.  The best part is it includes tables and chairs, you don't need a tent, and its only $3000.  We are going with the Black Pelican for catering, only about $6,000 for 100 people.  They worked with us on our budget.  We decided to do a fajita bar with chicken, steak, and mahi mahi.  The price includes all of our food, appetizers, and bar set up (non alcoholic mixers), plates and glassware.  We are providing the alcohol.  We are using margaritas as our signature drink to go along with the beach/fajita bar thing. 

    Photographers seems SUPER expensive.  We are going with Matt Lusk, who seems a little more affordable than some others. Watch out and make sure you compare the photographers work if you are thinking of going with a much lower quote.  We are paying $2200 for four hours, two photographers, a DVD of all of our images and $150 photo credit.  He usually charges $2400 for this package.  I begged him for a discount because my guy is active duty Army.  Hey, use what you can right?

    Our budget is about $20-25K but that includes a 10BR oceanfront rental house for two weeks.  I'll let you know how well we stick to it.  I'm a little frightened.  I imagine with you only having 50 people, things will be much more affordable for you :)  good luck!
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    Oh one more thing, part of my rsvp cards will include asking how many children will be in attendance and asking who is interested in group babysitting.  We will be paying for this.  I LOVE kids, but my own will be with a babysitter after the ceremony.  I don't mind if people bring their kids, but we are having the babysitter option there. 
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    We only invited our parents and their spouses and immediate family (under 20 people).  It's going to be nice but very casual.  We budgeted about $10k and we are coming in under that so far.  The $10k also includes paying most of the house ourselves for our family to stay in and massages for us the next day. 

    -House: Southern Shores rental home Blooms
    -Caterer: Red Sky (we hired some staff too form them to help)
    -Cake: We're going to pick up donuts at Duck donuts
    -Flowers: Harris Teeter
    -Music: an Ipod- house has speakers
    -Officiant: Rev Jay
    -Photographer: FBIL and my stepmother
    -Hair: myself- I am too picky
    -Kids:  none but I would love to have them there- it's only that the only two little ones in the family aren't coming (not our choice)

    I've been to Sanderling to eat and it's a wonderful location. We looked into the elopement package there and at the time they wouldn't do it during high season so we planned otherwise. 
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    Yes, lots of kids there.  That's half the fun and the reason we're doing it in August.  I am appointing my 13 yo nephew as "Julie McCoy" to coordinate activities for the kids, like crabbing, etc.  It's mostly going to be a smallish affair.  But, I can't wait.

    Caterer:  Red Sky
    Cake:  Great Cakes
    Photographer:  Daniel and Kate Pullen
    Officiant:  Rev. Jay Bowman
    Florist:  Moi and my MOH  (will probably order and pick them up from Sam's in Norfolk)
    Music:  iPod
    Hair/Make Up:  No idea yet

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