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Is having a videographer for the wedding a big deal?

I don't really think I want to watch my whole wedding on tape for years to come I could be wrong, but I think I would prefer to put the money to an awesome photographer.

I have not been to a ton of weddings, and looking at photographers for the Outer Banks, they are all extremely pricey, going with a photographer in their prices will leave no money left over for videography.

I have about $3k for photography/videography, but most photographers start at $2,500 for 5-6 hours of coverage, which I would not want to do any less. 

What do you all think? Any input is greatly appreciated!!

Re: Videographer??

  • JenO24JenO24 member
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    We're paying $2400 for 6 hrs of photography AND a violinist for the ceremony who also does the DJing for the reception.
    Sue and Matt Artz (OBX Violin) are a husband and wife team.

    We're having a family member video tap the ceremony.
    I wanted something to watch in like 20 yrs if I wanted to, but couldn't afford to pay for a videographer.
  • LRPardyLRPardy member
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    We're getting a family member to capture the ceremony only as I am pretty sure I won't remember a thing and the officiant told us the wonderful things she says at the beginning of the ceremony which I don't want to miss.
  • rloseccorlosecco member
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    I didn't think I wanted one, but I posted in the general "photo/video" board and soooo many people said the day flew by too fast to remember it and they were so happy to have the video.  I also think it would be nice to have video of the older guests like our grandparents, but I still think it comes down to personal preference.  We'd like to have a friend or family member record it instead of paying a professional.
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