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transportation day of wedding-taxi cabs?

Happy Friday Everyone!

My Fiance and I are struggling with the whole transportation to and from the venue aspect of our day. 

We have a few houses in South Nags Head (milepost 19 ish) and we are getting married in Manteo (at the marshes lighthouse and then reception at 108 Budleigh).  Of course, we would rather our guests enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving back.

But, our budget doesn't really allow for shuttle buses for everyone or something similar.

So, I was thinking about including a little card in their 'welcome bag' with a couple of taxi cab companies so that they can call and organize their transportation directly through them for the wedding day. 

Has anybody else done something along those lines?  Would you recommend that I call one or two of the taxi companies directly to let them know that several groups will be calling for transportation to and from Manteo for that day?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Re: transportation day of wedding-taxi cabs?

  • We got married at the Sanderling, and most of our guests stayed there, and those that didn't, stayed at a house about 10 minutes away. I see where your concern is, and I think it would be useful to mention a couple of places, on your wedding website. I would think they'd have to give advance notice to arrange transportation for themself though.
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  • You have getting married, having the reception and staying at the same place as us (great minds think alike)!!!!  When is your date?  We are actually struggling with the same thing.  We looked into shuttles but we really only need it to get some people and the bridal party home.  The two places quoted us $500 for two hours.  I am looking forward to seeing what suggestions other brides give.    
  • I'm looking for same information for Buxton area. Since parking is limited at our Event Home (Croatan Ridge) we figure we'll need shuttle to pick guests up from hotels at least 1 hour before wedding and return then after reception up to 1 hour later, so that could add up to 6 hours cost if we have to pay for the full time. Any suggestions?
  • We decided not to go with a shuttle as well, since paying almost $1500 for it was just WAYYYY our of our budget.  I will be having taxi company numbers in the guest info, as well as displayed at the wedding.  My fiance lived in KDH for 3 years and said that the cabs are quick, reliable and super cheap (something like 5-10 bucks a ride).  Much better than paying for a shuttle or having guest drive under the influence!
  • UPDATE. Reserved Island Taxi today to serve as shuttle for our guests from Buxton hotels to our event home in Buxton, Croatan Ridge. Have to pay 1 hr for them to come from Nags Head, but they will be onsite for 7 hours for almost half the cost mini-bus quoted and they will take guests to Rodathe or places north at the end of the night as they return to NH. I am very happy!
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