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Hampton Inn or Sea Ranch?

Hi everyone!

We are considering having our beach wedding at either the Hampton Inn in Corolla or at the Sea Ranch/Pearl Restaurant in KDH.  We will have about 60-70 people, including some kids.  Anyone have any advice on which to choose? 

Thanks for any input you have, and congrats to all!

Re: Hampton Inn or Sea Ranch?

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    We considered the Hampton Inn in Corolla.  Great looking hotel, definitely has that "wow factor."  But they didn't have the right space for us, planning on 60 - 75 guests...having to use the 2 rooms across from each other seemed strange to us.  Plus, for an OOT guests to spend money travel to the wedding then paying a LOT of money to stay here, 2 night minimum, was just rude to my guests I thought.  Plus, you have to bring in your own caterer, equipment, dancefloor, etc...

    We ended up going w/ Ramada Plaza in Kill Devil Hills.
    They have a very nice sized ballroom and the price includes food, alcohol, dance floor, etc...definitely worth the money vs. what little you get for your money at the Hampton Inn.

    This way just our experience...the Hampton Inn wasn't for us and the Sea Ranch doesn't look that great to the eye, which turned us off from it.
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    We're doing The Pearl.  The hotel does look older on the outside, but The Pearl is beautiful inside.  The Sea Ranch is also doing some lipstick renovations out front and to the pool area this year.  The prices seem reasonable too ($500 private room fee, $45 per plate). 

    Our other vendors have raved about Trish (the chef's wife) and how fabulous she is, but I'll warn you that they are a little more laid back than I would have preferred.  We went for a planning meeting this summer (after mailing in our deposit) to finalize our contract, select menu, cake, etc. and that didn't happen.  We were hoping to look at menu options, taste their food, and determine the room layout.   She says we have to do all of that later (which means we'll be doing it long distance).  After coming out of our meeting, disappointed, we called her back that afternoon and made dinner reservations so we could at least try the food.  We couldn't try the actual wedding food choices because they aren't offered, but we did try a chicken and fish dish, plus several house wines.  It cost us $100.  The food was very good, and I sure hope their cake tastes as good because  we won't be able to try any beforehand.

    I'm not saying that to scare you off; we're still having our wedding there.  But, if I had known those things up front I would have been more clear of my expectations for our meeting.  Hope that makes sense!
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    The pearl is very nice but are you kidding me? THE HAMPTON INN!!
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    [QUOTE]The pearl is very nice but are you kidding me? THE HAMPTON INN!!
    Posted by jetobx[/QUOTE]

    whats your point about the hampton inn?
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    I dont think she is kidding at all really.  Can you please share why you prefer the Hampton Inn Corolla vs The Pearl??

    My sister in law had her reception at The Pearl and it was fabulous!  I agree with Ms_Teach, who is a VERY helpful bride btw, that the hotel itself could use a little rennovation and Im glad to hear that they are in the process of doing that.  The advantage to having it at The Pearl is that it is in the heart of OBX, its oceanfront so guests can talk a walk to the beach and the food was great!  I considered them as well but then when I realized that Amy had her reception there, I declined.  I mean, seeing as how the entire family has already been there for her wedding, this is MY time and I'd hate for them to be thinking "hmmmm...havent we been here before?"  The Hampton Inn is nice, however, I am having my reception at a private event home in South Nags Head so Corolla was not an option for me.

    I know there is a big difference in costs for the Hampton Inn vs Sea Ranch, so you have to do what is best for YOUR budget.  Also, consider what Jen024 said about having to stay for 2 nights.  If that isnt an option for you, there arent many other hotels in Corolla.

    Happy Planning!

    P.S. MORE than happy to answer ANY questions you may have!


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    Wow, thanks everyone!  This is exactly what I was looking for! 

    JetOBX:  I have to wonder like everyone else though, what do you mean?  Why do you prefer the Hampton Inn?  Because I'm comparing and contrasting, more details would be really helpful.  I'll try to send you a private message.

    Interestingly enough, the Pearl is charging me $1000 for the room.  Also, I got a quote from the Ramada as well, and they didn't include the alcohol.   I wonder why it's different for everyone?  I didn't really enjoy speaking with the woman at the Ramada, so that place is out since I'll have to work so closely with whoever is in charge of our venue. 

    Also, thank you so much for the heads up about the owners of the Pearl being so laid back.  It's really nice to get everyone's opinions on what to expect. 

    Thanks to you all!  (and feel free to keep your opinions coming!  Especially about the Hampton Inn!  I was told that up to 60 could be seated comfortably in one room there.  Is that not the case?)

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