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More bridesmaids than groomsmen?

This isn't specifically OBX related, but I am having my wedding in the OBX and i like this board and feel most comfortable on here.. so to all my OBX brides... what do you think of having more bridesmaids than groomsmen? I have chosen 5 bridesmaids and may add 1 more, but my FI will probably only be choosing 4 groomsmen.

Anyone have a similar situation? Does it look silly in pictures? What is the general concensus on this? I don't really think it should matter, but I don't have much experience with weddings so I'm not sure. I wouldn't NOT ask someone to be a bridesmaid only because of the numbers, anyway. Just needing a little reassurance I guess!

Re: More bridesmaids than groomsmen?

  • So, at one of my friend's wedding this past March, one of her bridesmaids just didn't show up (long, dramatic story, I won't go into details.).  Anyways, there was one more groomsmen then bridesmaids, and I didn't even notice.  She had one bridesmaid walk out with 2 groomsmen on either arm, and I thought it was cute.  When they stood up front, I really couldn't tell.  Go with what your heart tells you, and if you have more people you want in your wedding party, then go for it!  It's your day, and you should be surrounded by the group of ladies that you love and that will support you.  
  • We had five groomsman and 4 bridemaids.   Worked out perfectly fine and I don't think it looked funny in pics?  At least not to us anyways.  There is probably some in my pics below if you want to look.  We had 1 girl walk in with two guys.  Totally not a big deal.

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  • My friend had the opposite - more groomsmen than bridesmaids.  It's definitely not a big deal, so do what makes you happiest!
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  • We had more bridesmaids than groomsmen, and we just had one guy walk with two girls.  It worked out fine, and no one mentioned it at all.
  • Wow, if you have uneven numbers you'll be in good company - I'm another bride with more bridesmaids than groomsmen!  We're not having the groomsmen walk down the aisle, but even if we were it wouldn't have bothered me to have a group of three.
  • It is a lot more common these days to see more of one side than another.  The rules of having everything being perfectly symmetrical are long gone, so go with your gut and do what makes both of you happy :)  Trust me, none of your guests are going to be sitting there on your wedding day counting everyone out.....just as you, they will be so wrapped up in the moment, that they won't even notice.


  • We're having more groomsmen than bridesmaids AND I had to cut him off (too many friends, j/k)! Honestly, though, I don't think it's a big deal as I've seen it at a lot of weddings. For ours, he has co-best men and I'm having one MOH so they'll walk together and then 1:1. But my friend have 5 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen and they made it work just fine too! :)
  • I had six bridesmaids and he ended up having four groomsmen (asked five but one had cancer treatment the week before and could not make it). Two of the guys walked with two girls each and it wasn't weird, nor were the pictures.
  • Thanks so much ladies! You eased my worries! It was originally going to be 5 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, but I added one more bridesmaid making it 6 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. I figure I want the most important ladies in my life up there with me, so who cares about the numbers!
  • I have 5 'maids and he has 3 'men... So I am doing 2 of the groomsmen have 2 'maids and one has 1. I am not worried about it. I think it actually looks kind of cool! :)
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