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Do I really need a tent?

I am getting married at The Love Boat next May.  We are going to have our wedding on the sound front beach, and we think we will have our reception in the yard afterwards.  I have researched tents to rent, and they are actually very pricey.  I know it may seem silly, but do I really need the tent?  We will probably get married around 5pm, so the reception won't start until 6pm or after.  My mom votes yes, my FMIL says "just go for it and don't rent the tent." What do ya'll think?

Re: Do I really need a tent?

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    Well I guess it depends on if you have a back up plan if it rains.  I know we all dread that word around here but it is always a possibility.  If you do not have a back up plan for rain, I'd say get the tent.  If the reception can be held inside in the event of rain, and you do not mind that, then I'd say skip it.   With the love boat, the tent would be in the driveway/yard right next to the house, which is where you are talking about having the reception anyways right?  For peace of mind, I think I'd personally go with the tent. 

    That house was on my list to look at for my wedding, but both times we went to look the keys to the house didn't work, so we figured it was fate telling us that house was out for us.  I wish I knew what it looked like inside so I could help more though.  How many guests are you planning on having?  I guess that would rule out of you could possibly do the reception inside.
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    If you're having an outdoor reception, get the tent. As much as we'd like to save $1800,  I'd rather have a safe place for the reception. If you have an indoor backup plan that you like, you can do without.
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    If you have a workable indoor backup space, then I wouldn't spend the money.  If your only option is to use the outdoor space, then I'd fork over the money because it really is better safe than sorry.  The OBX has such fickle weather!

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    Had my duaghter's reception two weeks ago tonight.  Terribly hot and probably would have been better off under the stars...until the 10 minute downpour happened around 9:30pm.  No way to prepare for that and totally glad we got the tent. Plus, defines your reception space in lieu of walls  Turned out beautiful!  Good luck!
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    FYI you need a tent permit in Currituck county. You will also need information pertaining to the size and additional in-depth items such as how much wind can the tent resist.
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