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Who is everyone using for an officiant?! I've been in contact with Barefoot Weddings, soley based on price!!! I've been a little offened/upset by the 2 ladies...I asked to meet with them when we visited a few weekends ago, and they were busy. i understand, this i was okay with it. I just wasnt okay with them telling me that it wasnt neccessary to meet and we would discuss anything the day of my wedding-unless we were having a huge ceremony(which we are not)??? Umm hello, i will be stressed out enough why should i have to have our meeting the day of my wedding?! doesnt make sense to me.
if anyone has any suggestions on a budget friendly officiant please let me know asap!!!!!
Thanks ladies.

Re: Officiant Vent

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    If you're already getting bad vibes, I think you're right to look elsewhere.  We're using Patricia Walden (simply weddings obx) and couldn't be happier about it. We also looked into Jay Bowman.
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    We are using Marsha, from Great Cakes. She seems super nice! Got a great vibe from her. 
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    I agree with PP above, we met with Marsha Johnson and really loved her. Lots of good vibes. If we weren't bringing our offficant with us already, we would have used Marsha. I hope you find a good fit!
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