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Preggo Bridesmaid Dress Dilemma

I need your advice. My bridesmaid, who is also my FI's sister, is 5 months pregnant. She told me she doesn't want to order her bridesmaid dress until after the baby is born because she wants to be thinner. However, she isn't due until August and our wedding is in October. The dress shop owner told me if we wait to order the dress that late, it MAY not be ready in time. So, what do I do? She's not showing too much yet, do I force her to get measured now and just order for her current size? Or do I let her wait until August, after the baby comes, and risk not having a matching dress ready for her?
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Re: Preggo Bridesmaid Dress Dilemma

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    I def would not risk waiting....its better to be safe than sorry and especially for your wedding day.  I would go ahead and have her order it now, in a larger size b/c they can always take the dress in but they cant add fabric back to it, catch what Im sayin?

    I can understand where she is coming from BUT she needs to understand where YOU are coming from.  This is your wedding day and the BM dress is the last thing you want to be stressing about.

    I say order now ;)


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