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Hi there! Anyone have experience with beach house event planners? I'm looking into having a beach ceremony with a beach house reception in Southern OBX, or possibly further south near Ocean Isle. I understand there are event planners who will take care of practically everything... but at what cost?? I'm on a bit of a tight budget and don't know if a planner is worth the investment. Any recommendations/ suggestions? Thanks ladies.

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    I used The Proper Setting.  Nannette was wonderful to work with and worth every penny.  I did not have her do all of my planning (contracts etc) but she guided me through the whole process.  On the day of my wedding she made sure everything went off without a hitch.  It was so nice to not have to worry about the schedule on the day of our wedding.  Our wedding was at a beach house in Duck. 
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    Thanks for your input. This beach house wedding is a new concept for me. Did you stay at the house for the entire week? Who stayed with you and did they stay the whole time? Did you cover the costs of those who stayed in the house? I don't mean to bombard you with questions, but any info you could share with me would be very much appreciated. I don't know where to begin!
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    Hello - So we had a delima when it came to who would stay in the house.  We did a couple things.  We had a Friday check in so Friday my husband and i stayed just the two of us.  Saturday was rehearsal night  and Sunday was the wedding.  So Saturday I had the two moms and my bridesmaids stay with me.  Sunday (wedding day) my husband and I just stayed there.  Then on Monday my family moved in.  We stayed with them the rest of the week and are going on our honeymoon this May.  We had a few friends also stay with us who stayed a couple days after the wedding.  In the beginning we wanted to have as many people stay with us as possible . . . but the combination of people just never worked out.  Do you let your family? . .  do you let your bridal party? . . but then you have husbands/wives/kids?  I will say the way we did it really did work in the end.  It sucks because you want to help the people who traveled all that way for your wedding but in the end you have to do what works for the situation.  I was glad i somewhat controlled who was in and out of the house prior to the wedding.  the more you have in there the more hectic it becomes.  If you have any other questions please let me know.
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    LOL I will definitely have that same dilemma. Thanks for sharing. I know there's not a lot of hotels in OBX. Where did your guests stay when not at the house? If only I had the $$ to rent 2 houses!
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    we had a majority of our guest stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Kitty Hawk.  People who wanted a little nicer place stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn 

    My website is still up if you want to take a look
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