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I need a 12+ Bedr Event Home

I would like my Wedding Party and our Parents to stay in the same house with us for the week.  I would also like to have my ceremony and reception there as well... I am having trouble finding an Event Home with this many bedrooms. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Re: I need a 12+ Bedr Event Home

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    check out they have 8 homes with 12 or more bedrooms
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    Village Realty has Board Walk, Park Place which have 12 and Beach Happy has 14.  Depending on when you want to go, there's the Woodmere through Sun Realty which has 13 in the house, a honeymoon cottage and parking for 27 cars.  It is not available for my week or else I'd be in it.  It's kind of rustic.

    Good luck!!
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    I have two water front homes on Cape Hatteras that total 13 bedrooms next to each other...the Love Boat and Journey to Atlantis...both high end properties with Private pools....the Love Boat is an event home and capable of weddings up to 200 guest
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