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North Carolina-Outer Banks

All your vendors - post 'em up

I'm sorry, I know I'm a crazy poster today. (This is what happens when there's a day off.) Anyhoodle, I remember there was this exact post last summer and it was extremely helpful in the planning process. OBX2011, if you happen to talk to the others, if you could ask them to swing over here to do this...

So, let's get into it. I hope this is as helpful for you as it was for us...

Ceremony Location:
Reception Location:
Music (Ceremony/Reception):
Housing company/Hotel/Motels used:
Anything else I missed:

Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc?

Re: All your vendors - post 'em up

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    Date: Friday, July 6, 2012
    Ceremony Location: E. Bonnet Street Access (approx MP 11 in Nags Head)
    Reception Location: 108 Budleigh, Manteo
    Officiant: From home
    Florist: Harris Teeter (Maggi).. I think this is the Kitty Hawk one
    Coordinator/Planner: Me
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Matt Cooper
    Caterer: Ortega'z, Manteo
    Cake: Carolina Cupcakery, Manteo (10 different flavors + small cake to cut)
    Photographer/Videotographer: Lucian Capallero (Fi's friend + college roommate)
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Southern Shores Realty, Resort Realty, Twiddy, Nags Head Inn
    Hair: It's Royalty, Manteo

  • Date: 8/14/12
    Ceremony Location: Beach access in Corolla off Shad St. 
    Reception Location: PawPrints Beach home
    Officiant: Corolla Chapel (back up plan for rain)/ Pastor Griffis
    Florist: Harris Teeter
    Coordinator/Planner: Myself!
    Music (Ceremony/Reception):Sue Artz possibly
    Caterer: Kelly's Catering
    Photographer/Videotographer: Coleman Shots
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Seaside Vacations
    Hair/Makeup: Bombshells
    Rentals- Metro Rentals
  • Date: 9/7/12
    Ceremony Location: Beachfront at the Sanderling Resort
    Reception Location: Sanderling
    Officiant: Rev. Jay
    Florist: Shirley from Sugar Snaps
    Coordinator/Planner: Jessica at the Sanderling (she's fantastic!)
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Club Violin
    Caterer: Sanderling
    Photographer/Videotographer: Matt Lusk
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: we booked our house from Carolina Designs
    Hair/Makeup: Sanderling
    Cake: Great Cakes
    Anything else I missed:
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  • Date: 05-05-2012
    Ceremony Location: In front of the sound at The Love Boat
    Reception Location: Back Yard of the Love Boat (rental house)
    Officiant: Bonnie Williams
    Florist: Every Blooming Thing
    Coordinator/Planner: Me
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): John Harper
    Caterer: High Cotton BBQ
    Photographer/Videotographer Emmaloo Photography (from home)
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Spa Koru owns the Love Boat
    Anything else I missed: OBX Kettle Corn for welcome bags, if you are a hatteras Bride, I highly recommend Chloe for hair and mani/pedi, she did a fabulous job, also if you are even thinking of going the event home route, please talk to Tatum from Spa Koru.....they are freaking amazing!!!!  The Love Boat was absolutely beautiful, and had everything you could possibly need. 
  • OBX2011OBX2011
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    Date: September 16, 2011
    Ceremony Location: Beachfront
    Reception Location:  108 Budleigh
    Officiant: Dr. Clarke
    Florist: Maggi with Harris Teeter and my fabulous MIL :)
    Coordinator/Planner: Myself and my mom--couldn't have done it without her!
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Ipod for the ceremony and DJ John Harper for reception
    Caterer: Coastal Provisions--crab cakes are to die for :))
    Photographer/Videotographer Outer Banks Productions
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Vilage Realty, OBX Blue Realty & Joe Lamb Jr. for the beach houses.  Nags Head Hotel and Shutters on The Banks for guest accommodations

    Anything else I missed: Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc?

    Salon(nails/hair & make-up): Klassy Nails in Kitty Hawk and It's Royalty Salon for hair & make-up

    Rentals:  Ocean Atlantic
    Cake:  Atlantic Cake Co.


  • Date: 10/6/12 Ceremony Location: Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Site Reception Location: Hatteras Village Civic Center Officiant: Bonnie Williams Florist: Myself! I'm using balsa wood flowers for my bouquet and flower arrangements. Coordinator/Planner: Myself Music Ceremony/Reception: Sue Artz Caterer: Creative Catering by Wanda Photographer: Eric Jones Photography out of Greenville, NC Videographer: Island Shore Productions Housing Company/Hotel/Motels used: Midgett Realty, Hatteras Realty, Surf or Sound Realty. Anything else I missed: Calligrapher: Kristen Henderson out of Charlotte, NC Hair/Mani/Pedi: Spa Koru Mobile Bartending: On da Rox
  • Date: 10/19/12 Ceremony Location: 108 Budleigh Reception Location: 108 Budleigh Officiant: my brother :) Florist: Shirley from sugar snaps for bouquets; fiftyflowers.com for center pieces Coordinator/Planner: me with the help of a friend who is an event planner Music (Ceremony/Reception): dj from dc Caterer: Kelly's Photographer/Videotographer: Rebecca Ames Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: pirates cove and surf side hotel
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    Date: 09/08/12
    Ceremony Location: NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, Manteo
    Reception Location: NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, Manteo
    Officiant: My father, Robert Mullen
    Florist: Sugar Snap Events
    Coordinator/Planner: myself and Wanda Beasley
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Sue Artz
    Caterer: Wanda Beasley-Creative Catering by Wanda/BJ's Barbeque
    Photographer/Videotographer: Matt Artz
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Surf Side Hotel
    Anything else I missed: Hair and Makeup-Glimmer Weddings
    Wedding Cake-Wanda Beasley
    Rehearsal Dinner-Tale of the Whale, Nags Head
    Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc? Wanda our caterer is a long time family friend (and former high school teacher!) of mine--she has been so wonderful to work with and has anwered any questions I have had, no matter how silly! Also, Shirley with Sugar Snap Events--LOVE her!!!! She was so fast at responding to my emails and setting up our proposal for flowers and decor--she is awesome!!!!
  • Date:  09/07/2010
    Ceremony Location:  On the beach in front of our event home.
    Reception Location:  At an event home, "Here Comes the Sun" in Hatteras
    Officiant:  Bonnie Williams, Hatteras Wedding Ministries
    Florist:  Every Blooming Thing
    Coordinator/Planner:  Me, myself, and I :)
    Music (Ceremony/Reception):  Just the sound of the ocean for ceremony, IPOD for reception
    Caterer:  Family friends that live in Elizabeth City
    Photographer/Videographer:  Daniel Pullen Photography
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used:  Hatteras Realty, Sea Gull Motel, Breakwater Inn, Comfort Inn Buxton (now Hatteras Island Inn)
    Anything else I missed:  Spa Koru for Mani/Pedi.  I did my own makeup, mom did my hair.   Outback Kitchen did my cake. 

    Laura & Dusty - September 7th, 2010!
    Hatteras, North Carolina
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    UPDATED 11/05/10 Lots of Wedding PICS!
    UPDATED 07/28/10 My Planning Bio Anniversary
  • Date: 5/25/12
    Ceremony Location: Whalehead Club
    Reception Location: Event home in Corolla
    Officiant: Betsy Haas
    Florist: Maggi from Kitty Hawk Harris Teeter
    Coordinator/Planner: me
    Music (Ceremony/Reception):  Music by Tommy
    Caterer: High Cotton BBQ
    Photographer/Videotographer:  Keeler & Denson Wedding Photography
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Resort Realty
    Anything else I missed:

    Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc?  Betsy Haas was amazing, we loved her and she was recommended by Rev. Jay who was booked!  Jason from Keeler & Denson Photography was also amazing, we loved him and the pictures!  Music by Tommy was awesome as well, we loved him!
    May 25, 2012
  • Date: 6/6/13 (yes, we actually have all our major vendors already)
    Ceremony Location:  Wild Horse, Carova
    Reception Location:  Wild Horse, Carova
    Officiant:  Jay Bowman
    Florist:  Maggi at Harris Teeter
    Coordinator/Planner:  Me and my mom!
    Music (Ceremony/Reception):  Ceremony/cocktail hour: Club Violin, Reception:  George Wainwright (DJ Professionals)
    Caterer:  Argyle's
    Photographer/Videotographer:  Coleman Shots
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used:  Twiddy Realty for Wild Horse
    Anything else I missed:  Cake-Icing on the Cake (Argyle's Bakery)

  • Date: 9/2/12
    Ceremony Location: Event Home "Family Ties" in Corolla
    Reception Location: above
    Officiant: Tanya Barkley-Graham
    Florist: Maggi, Kitty Hawk Harris-Teeter 
    Coordinator/Planner:  Me, and a friend DOC
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): DJ Bruce (reception)
    Caterer: Ocean Boulevard
    Photographer/Videotographer: Ron Dressel Photography, Charlottesville VA
    Rentals: Ocean Atlantic
    Hair: Dimensions Hair Salon
  • Date: 10/18/12
    Ceremony Location: Hatteras Beachfront
    Reception Location: Nautilus - A Surf or Sound event home
    Officiant: Bonnie Williams
    Florist: Ginny at Every Blooming Thing
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): UNDECIDED!
    Caterer: Kelly's
    Photographer/Videotographer: Daniel Pullen Photography
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Surf or Sound realty
    Anything else I missed:
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  • Date: 6/23/12 (reviews coming soon!)
    Ceremony Location: beach at Pelican's Landing
    Reception Location: Pelican's Landing
    Officiant: my brother
    Florist: Maggi Kennedy @ Harris Teeter
    Coordinator/Planner: me, myself, and I
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): we had Johnny from Outer Banks Music Masters for both ceremony and reception
    Caterer: Coastal Provisions
    Photographer/Videotographer: Matt Stanton Photography (from Richmond, VA)
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Pelican's Landing is owned by Coastal Provisions' owners; a lot of our guests stayed at the Hampton Inn
    Hair/make-up: Hot Heads
    Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc?
    Our photographers were fabulous!! We had to pay for their hotel stay but no other travel fees and they were a steal but worth way more than what we paid!
  • Date: 04/27/12

    Ceremony Location: Beacfront, Duck

    Reception Location: the Quack Shack-event home

    Officiant: Bob Woody

    Florist:Sugar Snaps

    Coordinator/Planner:Sugar Snaps

    Music (Ceremony/Reception): DJ Bruce Jones

    Caterer:The Black pelican

    Photographer/VideotographerA Day to Remember: george Farah

    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Twiddy and the hilton Garden Inn
    Limo:  Island Limos

    Hair/Makeup: Glimmer
  • Date: 10/08/12
    Ceremony Location: Corolla on the beach
    Reception Location: Beach house
    Officiant: Rev Shirley Anne
    Florist: Self... with flowers from Norfolk Wholesale
    Coordinator/Planner: NA
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): ipod/ computer
    Caterer: friend
    Photographer/Videotographer: Keeler and Denson
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Twiddy
    Anything else I missed: Red and beach theme

  • edited June 2012
    Date: 9/18/2012
    Ceremony Location: beachfront kill devil hills
    Reception Location: 108 Budleigh
    Officiant: Rev. Jay Bowman
    Florist: Shirley @ Sugar Snap Events
    Coordinator/Planner: Laura @ Sugar Snap Events
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Ceremony: Club Violin  Reception: Matt Cooper with Outer Banks Music Masters
    Caterer: Red Sky Cafe
    Photographer/Videotographer: Genevieve Stewart
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Village Realty(the turtle's nest)
    Hair/make-up: Not sure yet!
    Anything to note on any of the above?  Anyone jump out with a great deal or service, etc?
  • I noticed you had your hair/makeup done at Hot Heads. 

    Did you bring your own makeup or did they provide it for you?

    I have emailed them, but haven't heard back yet so I was just curious. 
  • Date: July 2nd, 2013
    Ceremony Locale: On the beach at the Sea Foam Motel in Nag's Head. I love the old retro places at the outer banks rather then the big modern fancy ones. They remind me of my childhood!
    Reception Locale: The beach at the Sea Foam. It's going to be picnic style weather permitting!
    Officiant: Rev. Shirley Anne
    Florist: Holiday House House weddings
    Coordinator/Planner: Platinum Party Planning
    Gena is just TERRIFIC! I was able to hire a few of my vendors, but then overtime at work kicked in with it's sixty-plus hours, six day workweeks. Gena took over the reins and has kept me being just a tired bride rather then a tired nervous wreck bride.
    Music: Steel drummers that Gena got for us. I love Caribbean music!
    Caterer: Cafe Lachine
    Photographer: Ginger Snaps Photnography
    Motels: Sea Foam Motel, Rodeway Inn
    Hair/Nails/Makeup: Hairoics
    Other Stuff: My parents are elderly and one is in too poor health to attend, but Mr and Mrs. Stetson of Holiday House Weddings helped by making lovely seashell pins for me to bring home to them after the wedding which was terrific.
    Instead of throwing birdseed, rice, or the like, my guests will be tossing beach balls which they get to keep as wedding favors. Kids like them too.
    Beachballs.com is a great place to get bals in your wedding colors and they are reasonably priced. They are good for welcome bags for parties with kids too!
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    Date: 12/7/2013
    Ceremony Location: Wild Horse
    Reception Location: Wild Horse
    Officiant: Ordained Family member
    Florist: undecided....going between every Blooming thing and Sugar Snap
    Coordinator/Planner: a family friend and myself
    Music (Ceremony/Reception): Ceremony- Family pianist     Reception- Coastal DJ
    Caterer: Red Sky Cafe

    Photographer/Videotographer: Jessica Lauren Photography Springfiled, NJ
    Housing company/Hotel/Motels used: Twiddy Rental  Hotel- Hampton Inn
    Hair and Makeup:Three Bowls of Color Newport News, VA

    Rentals- Metro

    Cake- Carolina Cupcakery- 140 assorted cupcakes 1 anniversary cake

    Favors- Homemade strawberry and grape jelly---Spread the Love!


  • I used Hot Heads for my May 20 wedding and they bring their own. They were AMAZING!
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