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Hello Everyone!

How far in advance should you book your officiant? Seems like the good ones go fast from reading the other postings!


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    [QUOTE]Hello Everyone! How far in advance should you book your officiant? Seems likading the other postings! Thanks!!
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    I would book one ASAP!  We booked ours, Rev Jay, last Summer/Fall, and he is a VERY popular one in the OBX.  My opinion is that if you have a date and know who you want, not just for an Officiant, but for catering, flowers, cake, etc. and have the means(money) to reserve, I say book, so that you don't lose out on them.  Just my opinion though....<img src="" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />
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  • We booked ours 9-10 months out.  The officiant isn't a huge expense comparatively.  If you like someone, I'd second Phillyboy and book ;)
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  • I booked mine around 7 months out....but like the previous post said the sooner the better.  
  • Thank you everyone! I have heard really good things about Rev Jay so I will try with him first :)
  • Rev. Jay books fast!  He was booked for us.  We went with Dave Keller and I like him too.
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    If you do book Rev. Jay, just make sure to figure out your specific time first.  I told him 4 or 5pm (I wasn't sure yet), and he booked us at 4pm and then booked someone right after us.  I would have much rather had 5pm, but he couldn't go later than 4:30.  I would just recommend having your time pretty solidified, and the best thing to do for that would be talking to your photographer if you have one (it depends on the time of year and when the sun sets).
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  • Definitely contact Rev. Jay ASAP if that's who you really want.  I contacted him 15 months out...plenty of time in advance, right?  Wrong.  He was already booked for our day.  Luckily, the first wedding was earlier in the day, and we're having ours later, so we were still able to make it work.
  • We booked Rev Jay 6 mos out.  Agree that ceremony time needs to be pretty nailed down.  One of the perks of a weekday wedding was that all of our first choice vendors were available :)
  • AsAp! Meredith Foust was great!
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