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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Royal Wedding Today

Morning Ladies!
So, I'm sure some of you woke up early to watch Kate & William marry this morning. I had to wake up early for a work meeting at 7:30 anyway, so I turned my TV on just as Kate & her Dad were walking up the isle. I thought I would share my thoughts/questions just for fun (it's Friday anyway!)

1) Loved her dress, very appropriate and made her waist look TINY! The tiara she wore was amazing, but I was surprised she didn't wear a necklace at all. And did anyone see her shoes ever? I couldn't, but I am curious what they look like.

2) The trees in the church- thought they looked a bit strange. Maybe cause the church is so ornate already, it looked odd to me to have the big trees also.

3) William, very handsome (who doesn't love a man in uniform?), but why did he keep his back to Kate while she walked up the isle? Is that a tradition there or something? That was strange to me. Also, his hair could have been styled better, I thought his bald spot was a little to obvious.

4)The Ceremony- it was nice but I was confused by the order of the service. It also looked like Kate was very serious during the "if anyone objects" portion. (Note to self: do not put that line in our ceremony!) Do you think she was just super nervous....only zillions of people watching her I guess. And what was with the EYEBROWS on the minister????! They were out of control lol!

5)The Queen, looked nice in her yellow suit. If I was Kate, I would be terrified of her, she didn't smile once through the whole ceremony! Weird.

6)The Carriage- what can I say? Perfection. Absolutely beautiful, I want one. Who cares if we are on the beach, we need a horse-drawn carriage! :)

7) The Kiss- Why don't they have the "you may kiss the bride" during the ceremony?? Their balcony kiss was nice though. Very sweet.

8) Harry & Pipa (Kate's MOH)- Is there a little romance brewing between them? I noticed a little flirting. Is there a rule against them dating? That would be weird maybe. Cute, but weird. BTW, Harry looked very HOT in his uniform!

Okay, those are my thoughts. Feel free to comment, tell me I'm crazy, etc if you like. :)

And Congrats to the happy couple!
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Re: Royal Wedding Today

  • princesskmpprincesskmp member
    edited December 2011
    I was able to catch a bit of the royal wedding myself as I was getting ready for work.  Kate looked absolutely beautiful.  

    Yes, I heard on the news that it is tradition for the groom to keep his back turned as the bride takes that 4 minute walk down the aisle...

    I too loved the horse drawn carriage and decided weeks ago that I needed one too and contacted Carolina Carriages and my contract is on the way--For some reason, I think you and I are getting married the same October weekend and they are booked 10/8 and 10/9.  

    The queen also looked fantastic--I hear that she loves Kate and couldn't wait for them to get married--I guess she is just not the smiley type.

    I agree--being a shoe fanatic--I would have loved a peek at Kate's shoes--

    One thing you did not comment on was her bouquet--that might have been the only thing I was disappointed with.

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