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Ascension House

Is anyone getting married here?  Or has gotten married here? This looks like such an amazing house would love opinions or advice!

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    this is a response I found from March 2010;

    [QUOTE]Hi, I had my wedding at the Ascension house last May.  It is quite broken up but we were able to make it work.  We had about 135 people and most of the events were outside.  The house does have an elevator so we were able to get the grandparents in through a door on the ground floor and get them over to the elevator.  Cocktail hour was around the pool and everyone was able to tour the house at that time.  Dinner / first dance was around the pool and around the balconies.  We had the cake and toast in the upstairs ball room and had late night dancing beside the house under a tent.  We had to be very cleaver with the setup but in the end, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  The house was perfect and the guests are still talking about it!!
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    Hope it helps!
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    We are thinking about renting the Ascension house for our wedding- but it says only 22 overnight guests allowed, we would like to allow more people to spend the night at the house after the reception- after all its 15k square feet- can certianly fit a few more. Has anyone ever rented there and know how strict they are with this policy?
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    I recently had my wedding at the ascension house and although it was very large and comfortably slept 22 people (and could easily sleep more on couches) I would strongly recommend renting a home from a different realtor. 

    Many of the ammenities listed were broken or no longer available. For example the sky deck was damaged and could not be used, the hot tub was broken, the jacuzzi tub had half of the jets broken, the pool lights didn't work and worst of all for me the chapel room advertised has been turned into a living room (still has tile floor though). Furthermore, the house wasn't cleaned, while not filthy there were cigarette butts everywhere outside and empty beer bottles in the refrigerator. 

    To make matters worse, when we called to the leasing agent to discuss all of the problems with the house we were ignored and none of our complaints were addressed. I by no means expect a rental house to be flawless but I do exect it to be clean, and the basic ammeneties listed to be available, instead I was scrambling to have my reception in a different area of the house because the chapel room no longer exists. My wedding was still a blast and everyone had fun so in the end everything was fine, but if I could do it again I would rent two oceanfront houses for about $4,000 less.
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