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Guest numbers at 108 Budleigh

Hello all!  My fiance and I have been discussing numbers and table arrangement this past week and are having an issue trying to figure out how many people fit in the reception space.  We are going to be use the 48" rounds that are provided, which means 6 guests per table.  As of right now, we're looking at about 100 people that will be coming.  I'm not sure about using the upstairs space since I do not want guests to feel isolated from the rest of the crowd - we only planned on using this for our photo booth, etc. so that bar will not be running either.  We will also be doing a buffet style meal, so that limits space as well.  I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to fit everyone into the space without being squished, or if you've been married there and have experience!  PLEASE let me know, I want to end to the guest list war with my fiance, haha =)

Re: Guest numbers at 108 Budleigh

  • I had exactly 100 guests there in September. We had a buffet and did not use the upstairs and it was perfect. We did the buffet on long tables around the first middle room. We fit a bunch of tables for guests in the middle of that room and in the back of the side room with the bar. The front of the side room was the dance floor. I was nervous about having enough room, but it all fit great! It was really more room than you imagine once the tables are set up and in place.
  • Phew!  Thank you so much for this =)  I was wicked worried about it, but you've set my mind at ease.
  • Definitely agree with Doodle, once the tables & chairs are set up, you will see that you have plenty of spae.  It's always hard imagining what an empty space can be transformed into, but it will be gorgeous once everything is in place.  I am sure we all have some pics to share for inspiration. 

    We had 96 guests, but this was when they had larger tables that could fit 8.  I'm glad they decided on the same table size all around b/c it was confusing between how many 8 person vs 6 person tables you had to work with.  We also had a served dinner, so that left for a little more space too.  I loved having the cocktail hour upstairs as well as using the patio area.  We had some cocktail tables out there, opposite of the linens on the dining tables & draped lights across the lattice and it was so pretty!  Definitely recommend putting this years Christmas lights in a separate bin this year....and buying some on sale too :)


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