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Budleigh Brides: I need your help!

Does anybody know about the sound system at Budleigh? Does it have mics, how was the sound? Any electronic items I would need to bring to plug in an ipod?

Thanks girls!

Re: Budleigh Brides: I need your help!

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    I am unaware of a sound system but you would need to confirm that with Bonnie.  I do know that our DJ was there in January during their open house and he had his own equipment.  He is John Harper if you want to check his website about this.  Good luck.
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    Let us know what bonnie says. I was thinking about doing an ipod too. When is your wedding?
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    I remember Bonnie saying that you can hook up an ipod to the sound system, but whether or not you need an adapter or anything I'm not sure.
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    I'll definitely let you know, I sent her an email, just waiting to hear back.
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    peapod i had this exact same question for Bonnie at Budleigh. Unfortunately, she was not helpful at all when i asked her specific questions about the sound system or what if anything we needed to bring other than our ipod. Maybe you will have better luck in getting answers because it seems like something she should know as the person in charge of booking the venue. Below i cut and pasted her entire email response to me:

    "We do have a sound system but I know nothing about it.. sorry.  You are welcome to stop in earlier and check it out…. I wish I could tell you."

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    Hum, that concerns me!  But it explains why our DJ had his own sound stuff when he was there during their open house in January.
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    Ummmmm.....NOT an appropriate response from the one in charge of all of the bookings.  Seeing as how Bonnie is very very close with the owners of Budleigh, you think she could ask them?


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