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Bamboo Wedding Arch - Outer Banks or Hampton Roads

Anyone need a bamboo wedding arch?  I have one for rent if anyone's interested!

Re: Bamboo Wedding Arch - Outer Banks or Hampton Roads

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    How much and for how long?

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    The rental would be for 24 hours and the cost is $200.  If you only need it for a few hours because it's a public beach... that's not a problem.  We can set it up and take it down the same day. 
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    are you a vendor?
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    Honestly... I just got married and had a really hard time finding what I needed in town for a beach wedding.  All of the bamboo arbors I found were over $300 bucks.  So my husband and I bought the bamboo- dried it out- and built the arbor.  I'm not an official "knot vendor". 
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    IMO, $200 is a little pricey for a rental.
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    Like I said... I couldn't find anything under $325 for a rental.  Everyone I've talked to and booked thought $200 was a good deal.  I spent months trying to find the right one... and couldn't... so I built it myself.  To each their own I guess.
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    Agreed MP.

    It's one thing to join the board and be actively involved in helping other brides with advice & suggestions, but to come in only to advertise the rental of your arch is in poor taste IMO.


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    I found a lot of helpful information for my wedding on these message boards.  I was just trying to put this information out there.  I hope everyone finds what they're looking for.  It wasn't easy for me. I apologize if it offends anyone! 
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    I agree totally with OBX and Sangria. 

    Look at it from an outsider's perspective Vride.  You joined in 2010, about a year ago.  You posted 7, SEVEN, times, on the board since then.  Four of them were on this thread!  You didn't participate on the board until a week or so ago.  Why?  To sell your bamboo poles!  Call me cruel, or the rest of the ladies, but it just looks bad.  Most of us have been on here helping others through the wedding process, giving support, boucing ideas off of each other, etc.  We have formed GREAT friendships, some have met etc.  I guess what i'm trying to say is that maybe you could have approached your motive or objective in a different manner or even waited.  It just doesn't look good.

    While many sell their leftover things on The Knot, they also have participated in the discussions and threads, and ALOT have also passed them on to brides that could use them free of charge.  While i'm not suggesting that you give away your wares that you spent hundreds on, I think you could have handled this better.

    Oh, and $200 to RENT everything?  Does that include dinner underneath it too cooked by you?  Geesh.....
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  • do you still have your bamboo arches...if so, how far do you drive for the set up and take down.  I have a wedding on april 7, 2012 in Ocean Isle, NC and the arbor is very pricey to rent here.  Let me know.  thanks....I think you were being helpful.
  • I assume you travel to Virginia Beach.  Is the arch decorated?  My wedding is in August on the beach on the Navy Base at Dam Neck.  We only have a couple of hours to set up, have the ceremony and take down.  I know how I would like the arch decorcated, so that would be a concern for me. 

  • I thank you for posting your ad. I don't find it wrong in any way. I pop on here periodically looking for things I need or want for our wedding as well as ideas and or suggestions. I took your posting as nothing more than that- a suggestion or an offer. I am sorry people are so cruel to bash you for offering a good service. And yes you are correct, the arbors for rent are very pricey especially in the obx area. We are considering buildidng our own as well. I am concerned about the setup in doing so however, how did you manage that when you built your own, did you find it difficult? I am also concerned with getting it to OBX as we live 12 hours away and this is a destination wedding for us (The reason I am contacting you about the possibility of renting)

    I am getting married July 9th, 2013. I would be interested in seeing pictures if you have any and would possibly be interested in renting from you. I also have pictures I can send you of what I am looking for.
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