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Reception Timeline Suggestions

We've been trying to figure out a timeline for our reception. We know appetizers will start at 6pm...and, uh... that's about as far as we got....

Any suggestions?

Are you/did you do your 1st dance after your dinner or when you made your enterance?

What about your toast? Are you/did you do your toast before your dinner, after dinner, or when you came in?

I don't think we're doing a garter/bouquet toss - it just seems weird since it's a small wedding. Everyone's pretty much related! I hope no one's there to find a mate. (Here's your sign...)

I've looked on TK, but it always helps to have "real life" input.

Re: Reception Timeline Suggestions

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    We were at Budleigh too and our cocktail hour also started at 6pm.

    We did our entrance and then did a meet & greet with all of our guests
    Dinner--toasts were given towards the end of dinner
    Then came all of the first dances and whatnot

    Hope this helps :)


  • The guests had cocktail hour while we had pics done by ourselves on the beach, then our wedding party was introduced, and we were introduced.  My Dad prayed, and then everyone ate.  Towards the end of dinner, we did all the first dances.  Towards the end of the night we did toasts.  We did not do a cake cutting since we had cupcakes, and we also did not toss flowers/garter.  Too small of a wedding
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    Here's our plan: cocktail hour, introductions, toasts/prayer, food served, first dance (while some finish eating), some open dancing, pause for father/daughter and mother/son dances,dancing, cut the cake, some more dancing, toss the bouquet/garter, then dance and final song/exit.
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  • Still working on our plan, but I think it will go like this: Cocktail hour Introductions First dance ( doing it right away) Buffet opens Toasts Cake cutting Father daughter & mother son dance Then dance the rest of the night Hopefully that's a decent flow
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  • How about length of time? About how long from cocktail hour - last dance are you all planning or how long did your reception last?
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    Cocktail hour will be from 6-6:45- this really depends on how fast we take pictures. We aren't doing a first look so we may need all of the time.

    Reception from 6:46-10:30/11

    Still working out those details
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  • jendem8jendem8 member
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    5:30-6:40ish = cocktail hour
    7 = introductions
    7:05 = toasts
    7:15 = food
    7:45 = first dance, followed by open dancing
    8:15 = parent dances
    8:50 = twilight pictures of couple
    9:15 = cake cutting
    9:45 = bouquet and garter toss
    10:50 = last dance and sparkler exit
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  • This is a great help - thanks!

    I also was wondering if cocktail hour is true to its name and typically a full hour? I wish I had paid more attention at the weddings I've attended!  :)  I feel like we may aim for more like 40 min (we are taking most of our pics before the ceremony).

  • Our cocktail hour was from 430 until about 540, and then we kicked off the reception.  It lasted untill 11pm.  Originally paid the DJ until 10pm, but the party was still going, so we paid him until 11.
  • mandafite821, sounds like you must have been having fun to keep going - love it!!  Thanks!
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