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Flowers? I'm so confused.

Hey y'all. My mom and I are trying to get as much done for our May 2013 wedding as possible - as soon as possible. We've already decided on the venue, catering and musicians. Photography is pretty easy to price, as is the cake. The only thing I don't know how to get an estimate on is the flowers! How do I contact florists to get a quote? It seems to me like it would fluctuate so much - how did you guys plan and budget for florals?

Re: Flowers? I'm so confused.

  • I would suggest hitting up  They have tons of vendors.  As far as the budget goes, that's something that you'll have to sit down with your FI about and decide how much you want to or can spend on flowers.  I went with Holly at I Do Florals and she was great to work with.  We didn't have a huge budget to work with so I told her what my budget was and about what I wanted.  She gave me some suggestions of flowers that were in my budget and were able to come up with gorgeous bouquets.

    You may want to consider taking your time in planning since your wedding is still a year off...your taste may change.
  • I just emailed many different vendors and let them know what kind of flowers I was interested in and what I would need.  They sent me back a price quote.  If you are trying to save money go with Maggi at the KItty Hawk Harris Teeter.  She was half the price of the other quotes I got. 
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    Yes, the will be a great source for you and several of us, including myself, ordered flowers through Maggi @ Harris Teeter :)


  • I asked for quotes from Shirley with Sugar Snap (and totally fell in love with her!) and Renee Landry. I liked Renee as well, but Shirley was just so sweet! And I loved her work as well, of course. I also like that I told her the kinds of flowers/ colors I wanted, and she gave me 3 price options - under budget, middle of the road, and every penny of the budget plus a little extra. She then asked me to react to the prices/ ideas and we went from there. I ended up with arrangements and bouquets that were exactly what I wanted, within budget. She is a delight! 
  • I'm glad this question was asked because I've got flowers on my mind too for my august wedding.  I'm going for a wildflower look that will go with our small (50 ppl) laid back outdoor reception.  The flowers are not the main attraction but instead a small piece of the tablescape.  Was wondering if anyone else was doing something similar and if so, who are you working with and if you don't mind sharing, what pricing were you quoted? 

    I've been working with a florist for 4 weeks now and was a bit shocked when I finally got the quote for what are considered mostly "filler" flowers for small vases that could literally only hold 5-6 stems (some of them are even bud vases that could only hold 2-3 stems).

    I think I've actually offended the guy because I wanted a breakdown of how he arrived at the quote (how many stems per vase, how much per stem, any substitution suggestions etc.) because I'm a details girl and want to know what I'm paying for.   I don't know a whole lot about flowers (although I've tried to do some research) and being that this is the biggest flower purchase of my life..I'm new at this and just want to know that we're on the same page as far as expectations..

    I'm worried that I've offended the florist I've been working with but before I try to smooth things over, I want to know what your experiences have been and what you got for your budgets.

    Thanks for sharing!!
  • If you are looking for loose stems for bud vases check out harris teeter. Maggi is great and the price she quoted for loose gerbera daisies was cheaper than sams club and costco
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  • WED- we received a quote from Shirley at Sugar Snaps, it's part of our elopement package at the Sanderling. In her estimate, she listed the number of flowers in each bouqet, the cost of each of them, etc., so I'm actually surprised that the person you are working with didn't provide that for you. Don't worry about offending them, at the end of the day, you are paying for their work, they should want to help you.
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  • Hello! For any of you wanting flowers on a budget here is an idea... I ordered mine through Sams Club and had them arrive at our beach house two days before the wedding. My friends/family arranged them and it was done the way I wanted and affordably. Call me crazy but my relatives enjoyed helping and putting together things for our wedding- but that is my family. 

    The shipping is free and you can't beat the price! 

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  • @KSJ- thanks, I'm glad to know that wasn't some kind of outlandish request.  I'm on the fence as to whether I'm going to stick with this guy or move on..  I just really don't want to start all over again :( 

    @Valletta- Good suggestion and I was looking at Sam's Club because they do have some of the flowers we're using (under their "filler" section hahahah) but we're not checking in to the event home until the day before and i'm worried about having them delivered so close to our event date (website suggests delivery 2 days prior to event) and transporting them isn't really an option :(

    @Keb- I am currently working with KDH Harris Teeter because I heard his work was really good..

    'm still looking for some sort of comparison for type of flowers, number of flowers and pricing.  Again, we're doing wildflowers for the tables and bouquet..  If anyone else is doing this, could you tell me who you're using and what this is running you?

    Thanks again everyone!!
  • i knew before I even got engaged that I was in love with Renee Landry's work (a lot of people don;t know this, but she made it as one of the TOP THREE FINALISTS to become the official White House Florist for the Obamas! How cool is that?!?! and it's no surprise given how talented she is!). regardless, after attending the wedding expo in January 2011, I still got quotes from her, and two others (I think Bells and Whistles and Holiday House? I don't even rememeber). Renee was by far the most responsive one, and all the quotes I got were about the same. Since I love her work, and because NOTHING irks me more than people who aren't responsive, especially in this day and age of iphones/blackberrys/droids/ipads - there is just NO excuse to take longer than a day or MAYBE two to get back to someone (and I am a wedding vendor myself, so I am extra sensitive to this!!) - we went with Renee :) I am SO EXCITED to have her on board for my 9/28/12 wedding! 
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