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Wedding Officiant Advice.

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any advice on wedding officiants in the OBX? I'm finding that they're pretty expensive, but obviously a necessity! Have anyone chosen one? What are they charging you and for what? Thanks!!
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Re: Wedding Officiant Advice.

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    I only looked into one, Rev Jay Bowman.   To me, it was important to have Rev Jay be the officiant, he is exactly our style, we even worked our date around his availability.  Very laid back and chill.  We saw a bunch of his ceremonies and they were all so amzing.

    We are paying $550 total which includes a rehearsal the night prior, but there is a lesser package for a few hundred less without the rehearsal, maybe $350 or $400 for day of services I think.  I thought it was pretty reasonable.  

    I know there are some other great options out there many of the girls have worked with and had great success, I am not sure of the pricing, but they can chime in.  

    Good luck!

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    I also only looked at one.  Rev Jay was so highly reccommended I grabbed him right up before someone else booked my date. 
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    I booked Rande the time I was only able to find two out there so I booked him.  After I booked him and paid a deposit I found several more...oh well.  He's been extrememly helpful in helping me plan the ceremony.  His fee is $350 for the day of service but charges an extra fee for the rehearsal.  We decided not to have a rehearsal but do a run through the night before.  His fee includes filing the marriage license.  A little steep in my opinion but definitely a necessity.
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    We're using Rev. Jay too.  We looked at a couple of others, but I really wanted the feeling that he brought to it.
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    I'm using Marsha Johnson to officiate. She also does cakes at Great Cakes, so she's doing that as well. This way, I save on travel fees, since she's doing both and only charging one travel fee. Her fee was $350 if I remember correctly.
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    I used Bonnie Williams from Hatteras Wedding Ministries.  Loved her!  I think her fee was $400 with rehearsal.  Not sure what her travel fees are since she was local to Hatteras Island so we weren't charged one.
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    I used Lora Luce. She is $250 which is the absolute cheapest I could find that seemed legitimate. I loved her. She did a great job and brought the feel we wanted to the wedding.
    Honestly the officiant wasn't something I was willing to pay tons for, so I went soley by cost. Our ceremony was only a few minutes long so it was even hard for me to pay $250- which doesn't include the rehersal. In the end I am glad I went with Lora, she was great and I don't feel like anyone else would have done a better job. 
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    I'm using Rev Jay Bowman as well.  His website lists all of his costs.  I went with him because I had heard such great things.  His price seemed comparable to others but I'd book him quick if you are interested.
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    Thanks so much for the advice ladies! I was stuck between rev Jay and Lora Luce. Rev Jay cannot do the wedding at the time we wanted, bc he's already booked for that same evening for a wedding in Duck. So I think I'm gonna go with Laura Luce, she seems very sweet, and affordable!
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