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Hey there central PA OBX brides!  I figured I would write this post as i'm seeing more and more "Central PA" locations pop up on the board.

Would love to exchange email addys/names/phone numbers if you would want to.  My bride to be, KSJ10032782 is on the board as well, and we are always looking to chat not only with the awesome past, present and future brides of OBX here on the board, but with the past, present and future central PA brides that will be married in the OBX as well!  Hope i'm not being too "personable" by asking, but never hurts to make new friends and meet new couples to get to know and do things with! Smile

We will be getting married in September '12 in the OBX.
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Re: Central PA OBX brides

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    Philly. We've already talked but if you need anything, I will help with what I can. We are getting married Sept 20..umm like less than 2 months to go!!!! Holy cow, what am I doing on here? Gotta get stuff done :)
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    I was noticing that too, Philly!

    If any of you other PA brides (and grooms) ever want to chat, my email is [email protected] and my name outside of the knot world is Ang :)

    Our wedding date is July 6, 2012
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    @ KH yup, we have. :-)  It's just neat to interact with "locals". I think when dust settles, we should keep in touch and try and set up a "dinner night" or something like that, or just something to meet and exchange ideas, etc.  Not just us, but maybe all the central pa couples.

    @Teach I think Kel, my FI, told me that you are in Altoona?  Not tooooo far from us! :-)
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    Hi Guys!  I'm just outside Philly (Main Line) and getting married in Buxton on 9/25/11!!
    Less than 2 months!
  • I am from Hershey and will be getting married in OBX October of 2012. jessicka717 at gmail
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