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What should I check out when I visit next week?


Mom and I planned a last minute two night trip to check into things (wedding is in may so we can go again). Just wondering what you all would recommend us to check out.

Ideas I have:
-beach house we are having wedding at, etc
-beach houses we have selected for family
-possible location of nearest grocery, etc - just the general lay of the land
-scoping out some catering options just as far as getting ideas for who offers, etc
-beach time!
-looking for close nail/makeup/hair salons, etc- although I'm going mainly off your ratings!

What else should I check into? Thank You!

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Re: What should I check out when I visit next week?

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    ps- I should have mentioned fiance and I plan to go in October and do tastings, etc and then also go back for bridal expo in January! This is just some Mom planning, visual time!

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    I would def. recommend checking out the houses you are interested in. Seeing them in person you will get the feel of the place and no how much decoration is needed, tables, etc.
    If the caterers you are interested in have restaurant, I would eat there! Like Kelly's, The Pearl, most of the BBQ places, so you can get an idea of what their food taste like.

    Just have fun and enjoy your little mini vacay!!!
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    Have a great time! You can stop by my fiances and my photography gallery if you're bored, haha!  Smile
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    Are you going to be putting together Welcome Bags for your guests? or Bidal party gifts? You could start collecting OBX items for your bags.  It would be a good thing to get out of the way.

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    Definitely! I 2nd Jennifer's post above. The OBX Vistor's center has a lot of free stuff you can put in your welcome bag. They were super helpful there too, they gave us boxes of guides and maps!
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    If you are looking for caterers, eat at Red Sky in Duck - they are great!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:598Discussion:d4fc710d-e391-4aca-af6e-df89690ead63Post:ef367811-638f-4dd1-a5e5-3ea9f8925988">Re: What should I check out when I visit next week?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Have a great time! You can stop by my fiances and my photography gallery if you're bored, haha! 
    Posted by obxlaurak[/QUOTE]

    What's the name of the gallery and where is it at??


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    If your looking for a florist Maggie at Harris Teeter in Kitty Hawk does a beautiful job and has awesome savings compared to a Floral Shop. She did my wedding flowers and I was very very pleased!!!!
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