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Best Sunless Tanner

Good morning!

Can anyone recommend a good sunless tanner? I can't fake bake, so I'm going the sunless route, but I don't want to look like a cheeto...

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  • I did air brush tanning for my brothers wedding a few weeks ago and it looked great the only issue I had was after a few days as it was coming off it looked spotted also as a heads up a lady I work with went in the ocean with it and the salt and sand caused the same spotted look
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  • I got a spray tan at the Sun Shack in Kill Devil Hills.  I was pleased with it.  I would recommend 2 days before your wedding, that is when I got mine.
    May 25, 2012
  • I would also recommend a spray tan over a sunless tanner b/c with the spray, they can make sure that there is no bleeding of the spray and that all of your pieces & parts are covered evenly.  I wouldn't go into the both that you just stand in that auto sprays you, I would actually pay the extra money to have someone spray you by hand so it comes out perfectly :))

    Seeing as you have ONE MONTH (wooohooo!!!))  from today, I would try it out first at a local place to see how you like it and then book an appt in OBX :)


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    I like the spray tan when someone is doing the spraying. The machines dont usually spray even. For sunless tanner, I use Tomas all the time, it is great! Looks very natural.
  • I also recommend Christy at The Sun Shack in Kill Devil Hills.  She's wonderful!
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