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Unity Ideas?

What are you doing for the unity part of the ceremony. I originally wanted to do a sand ceremony but, not many of the sand kits come with lids. I think it will be too windy for candle.

Re: Unity Ideas?

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    we're doing the sand ceremony, but i didnt buy a kit.
    i found a wine shapped bottle but with a wide mouth that had a top at pier one for only $10 and our officiant will have us do the pouring of the sand w/ large clam shells that he brings (rev. jay bowman)
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    Sister in law had a smaller hurricane vase and used an aqua sand and a lime green sand, which were their wedding colors, and then they each poured the sand into the hurricane vase....the colors were a neat touch and it turned out really pretty once the colors blended.  After the wedding, she purchased a large "T" like what you would use for a cake topper but she placed it inside the hurricane vase and it now sits in the center of her china cabinet in their dining room....very pretty and crafty!  Matter of fact, I think I will be stealing her idea, lol!


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    Oh, I love the idea of the colored sand being a decoration in your home!  That's a great one :)
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    We got married a week ago today.  We had the sand ceremony and Jay Bowman was our officiant.  He was awesome !!! You will love him.  I purchased a sand ceremony set.  It is a 6 piece ensemble with a heart shaped vase with a glass top and 3 heart shaped vases, and a stand.  We had our initials and the wedding date engraved into the main "vessel" and the initial for my first name on one vase and the initial for my fiance's first name on another vase.  We didn't need the 3rd vase, but the main vessel sits in a metal stand.  I used "cocoa" colored sand and my husband used "terra cotta" colored sand.  He had planned to use the real sand from the beach where we got married, but it had rained and the beach sand was all clumpy, not good for pouring.  He was glad that I had purchased extra sand.  Our two colors made a really pretty pattern when we did it.  Unfortunately we had a 15 hour car ride home and although I packed it up in the original packaging, it did not hold the pretty pattern as well as I had hoped.  It's still a wonderful keepsake.  I put it on a shelf in our living room.  I told my husband if he buys me flowers from time to time we can use the other vases.  :)EmbarassedSmile

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