Undecided Hi I'm Liz I'm still kind of new to all this but I feel like I'm getting overwhlemed, cause I am a very want things a certian way and you know its my wedding. It seems like my parents aren't going to help so its up to Jason and I plus maybe his mom and I don't want to put any pressure on anyone else. But we have been together going on 9years we want the date to be 11-11-11 and how weird tonight I finally got my ring totally unplanned it happened at 11-11 so now I feel that is a sign we have to do on that date. My sister in laws know now so I know they will help me but I don't have so much family out here like he does so I'm thinking 3-4 bridesmaids but he has a lot more friends in the area mine are not close so I don't want it to be weird.  And we still have to pick the venue and my mom is sick right now and stuck in FL and every idea I tell her she totally crushes its like his family is more into us getting married and excited for us. I'm an only child and I thought my parents would be more helpful but all they have been doing is stressing me out. And then some of Jase's ideas are like whoa I was totally not thinking of that and he worries me with what he wants some sounds great but then the sitting is so not what I would have done. Any ideas on the best places for a nice venue in philly we have the church and I have a few other ideas but I want a smaller wedding and a bigger party afterwards. Sorry I had to vent to some girls because I feel like I'm going crazy. Thanks for listening!!  Oh and how do I add my pics or ticker to my message board posts?

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    Woh, slow down and use paragraphs.  

    One step at a time. Don't let other people push you into deciding things you don't need to decide right away, such as the bridal party.  This is a mistake many girls make and you can't really unask people without breaking up friendships.  

    The first thing I would do would be decide on your budget and then guest list.  This will lead to your venue.  If you want 11-11-11 you will have to move on venues I think as it will be a popular date.  
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    I agree with everything NCV said.  Start with your budget and draft a guest list.  Then find a venue.  Then plan the details.  Compromise with your fiance... not everything has to be your way, or his.  Figure out what details are important to you and work together to make them special.

    I'm sorry your parents don't seem interested/excited.  Maybe the distance is making them feel a little disconnected and with your mom sick they may just be distracted.  Hopefully they come around in the next year!

    Most importantly, don't get lost in the planning and "stuff".  Remember what the day is about (marrying your fiance) and let some things go.

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