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Beach Ball Events: Adrianna's or Mallards Marsh?

Hi everyone!

After looking at several venues, we are pretty much decided to go with this company.  Does anyone have opinions on which venue to go with?  Mallards Marsh looks beautiful and more rustic, and is a little less expensive.  However, Adrianna's is more formal and modern and costs a bit more.  As I cannot go view them personally, does anyone have a preference of location?  My parents are going to send me pictures when they check it out.  I would love to know of other people's opinions and/or experiences with this company.


Re: Beach Ball Events: Adrianna's or Mallards Marsh?

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    I am a Mallard's Marsh Bride!! I liked the feel of it better and the vendors are AWESOME!! I am getting married at Marshe's Light though in downtown Manteo.
    Good Luck!!
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    HI Ladies, did you hold your event at Mallards Marsh? I'm getting ready to book the venue but would really love to hear feedback from another MM bride first. Thank you! 
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    ETA:  and nevermind if anyone saw the first post.  I did not realize you were the father, wedrefund.  I am so sorry to hear that you and especially, your daughter went through all of this.

    Thanks for the advice and best of luck to you :)


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