Coming to Napa for Honeymoon-recs?

Hi Girls!I'm getting married in Oct. and we will be coming to Napa for our honeymoon. I wanted to get some recs. from locals. What are the best winerys? What are the things we have to do/see? We'll be renting a car so we are not limited!Thanks so much!

Re: Coming to Napa for Honeymoon-recs?

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    Email me and I'll send you some winery coupons...I'll go search for my other posts with info on what to do an repost them here :)  Congrats!! You'll have a great time in Napa!
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    Here are a few posts that I’ve made :)   Every year for our anniversary we go to Coles Chop House. Its downtown off main street. It can be a place you can spend $100 (with lobster and steaks) or you can splurge and spend $ all depends on alcohol intake :) A Mexican restaurant: Compadres   I made a whole book for my out of town are some things I put in it: Napa Valley Wine Train, Wine Country Shuttle, biking, farmers market, touring the di Rosa Preserve, canoeing on the russian river, cocktails at Cyrus, Old Faithful Geyser, Petrified Forest. For restaurants: Coles Chop House, French Laundry, Compadres. I also listed several of our favorite wineries and included coupons for tastings. Here are some free wineries: Roche Family Vineyards, Cline Cellars, Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Homewood Winery, August Briggs Winery. Just a side note, Sebastiani has a sign stating they offer free tastings but they no longer honor that.   Castello di Amorosa is a must! It was built with bricks from Italy! And is a true castle! Ledson Winery (locals call it the Castle) Rambauer Winery (the scenery is to die for!)If you or your hubby-to-be are car people you should visit Andretti Winery (as in Mario Andretti the race car driver). It has a tuscan feel. Very pretty.Carmen Policy (NFL - 49ers) just opened a winery this year so that would be neat to check out too.Franciscan is also a favorite of mine :)There is B.R Cohn (on the way to Ledson) He is the manager of the Doobie Bros.Bennessere is a very cute small family owned winery.Vincent Arroyo is in Calistoga (free tasting and that includes from the barrel!) You only need an apointment if you need accomodations as they are not ADA compliant.You might also consider the wine train! :) If you send me an email I can send you a list of coupons for different wineries. [email protected]   Hope this helps! :)
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    I'm getting married in September and we're coming to Napa too :o) I was just coming here to ask about rec's...this is so helpful!
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    oh good! I'm glad you both found it helpful (I hope my guests will as well!).  Have a great time ladies!
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    Hey... well congrats first of all. I've lived in the Napa Valley my whole life so I might be able to help you out some. First of all, as far as Wine Tasting, to recommend placed to stop and taste at you first need to decide if you want to stay in the Napa area or venture out to all of the Wine Country which includes Sonoma (about 15-20 min E from Napa proper) Lakeport (1 hr NE) and Mendocino (1 - 1.5 hours NW). The wineries in Napa County spread all the way up north about a 30-40 min drive and ends in Calistoga. I saw the other girls recommended Ledson and BH Cohn which are both absolute wonderful, both in Sonoma. BR Cohn also has a great Olive Oil collection they offer in their tasting room. In Napa youll have to try Sterling Vineyards, just down the road from Castello di Amorosa that someone else mentioned (which btw, thats the one we refer to as The Castle). Sterling has a gondela that takes from the entrance and parking lot up the hill and past the vineyards to their tasting room and restaurant. They have a great terrace where you can sit and over look the whole valley.  Along the way up the valley you will pass 20-30 wineries, almost all on are great but some of the best tasting rooms will be V Sattui, Sutter Home, Hall Vineyards (which btw offers a 2 for 1 tasting) and not to mention Robert Mondavi.. that one you will need an apt for. If you really want to get the best wine experience, plan to drive up to Lakeport area and check out Chateau Montelena which has some really interesting history to is and the best Chardonnay of Chenin Blac you will ever have! If you like sparkling wines/ champagne, check out Mumm in the Stags
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    I suggest picking up a copy of the winery map from your hotel or from the Tourist office in Down town napa. Has everything you need in there.As far as cuisine... it all depends on your taste and appetite. Youll find alot of restaurants in downtown Napa on Main, First and Third Street. Coles Chop House is great for Steak, if you want Italian/ Mediterranean check out Ristaurante Allegria on First. Most of the better restaurants are up valley though, Yountville and St. Helena.... Here are a few Musts:Press, St. Helena Rutherford Grill, RutherfordTravigne, St. HelenaMustards, YountvilleBrix, Yountvilleand Bouchon, Yountville (this one btw is the sister property to the French Laundry, named #1 restaurant in the US four times in a row - this has a 4-6 month waiting list, but they get some cancelations if youre up for chancing a reservation.. youll need a concierge to call for you though) If you havent already, check out www.napavalley.comIts full of info you might like, along with Balloon Ride/ Bike Rentals/ Guided Wine Tours/ Spas/ Mud Baths/ the Old Faithful Geiser... everything! There's so much more I could go on about.... let me know if you want some more info or have any questions. [email protected]  
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    Ledson Winery is referred to as "the castle" by many.  The true castle (reminisent of what you would see in the movies) is Castello di Amorosa
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    We went to Napa for our honeymoon.  And to correct previous poster...French Laundry doesn't have 4-6 month waiting list.  You also don't need special concierge to call on your behalf or have a black AMEX.  It's all an urban legend. :o)  You just have to book the reservation 90 days out to the date you are shooting for.  We booked our reservation in July for our September date, and it was fabulous! 

    Another great restaurant, is Bottega.  It's Michael Chiarello's restaurant in Napa Valley.  Amazing food.  Simple & delicious.  Plus, Michael is cooking in the kitchen which is always good to see.  We also enjoyed Ad Hoc (French Laundry & Bouchon's sister restaurant).  

    Mustards was also a surprise.  Very good food for lunch!  DH had an amazing chicken fried rabbit.  

    For vineyards, we loved Prager Port, Iron Horse & Grgich.  We rented a car and drove along Napa, Sonoma, St Helena, etc.  Gorgeous!  Also a must see is the olive oil company in St Helena!
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    You HAVE to go to Castello di Amorosa! It is in Calistoga. It's a winery but it is an actual castle! I went there for my borthday in November and did a tour and tasting! It was sooo much fun! :)
    Also, a hot air balloon ride is the best way to see the valley. Yes, it is in the early morning (not too ideal for a honeymoon) but it's worth it! Balloons Above the Valley is the best! I have flown with them!
    For restaurants I would recommend Rutherford Grill! Every one I know LOVES this place!
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