Perfect endings cake- $350 dollar Gift Certificate for $250 dollars

HI fellow brides! 
  So I won a $350 dollar Gift Certificate for Perfect Endings in Napa. I tried this cake at the bridal show and it was just WONDERFUL. I mean this is the bakery that is recomened by Oprah.  
I am getting married in San Francisco, and the fee to transport the cake to San Francisco is almost as much as the Gift Certificate, so I would like to sell it to another bride. :) 
  There is not an exp date on the Gift Certificate. It is for $350 dollars. (The cake you buy must be more than 1000 dollars to use it) They said that their cakes start at 8-10 dollars per a slice. (so as long as you are having 100 people or more your cake will be this much!) 
If you would like to buy it... Direct message me.. and we can chat about how I get the Certificate to you. (I go up to Napa a lot... so I can drive it up to you) 
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