HORRIBLE Experience with V. Sattui Winery!!!

I have had a horrible experience with V.Sattui and I am taking the time to write this out because I do not want any other brides having this same horrible experience my husband and I have had.  

Pat Kruger and Kelly will be very helpful in the beginning when you are considering the property and signing your contract but after that, they pretty much wipe their hands clean of everything.  I have also read in other reviews to double check your contract before signing it because there have been mistakes written into contracts before that have been easily overlooked by the couple.

It is now nearly 6 months past our wedding date and we are STILL waiting for our deposit check. Let me clarify that they 

1. First sent the check to the wrong address.  

2.  Then they addressed it to the wrong person.

3.  Then when I finally cashed the check at the bank, they had STOPPED PAYMENT on the check and we had to pay a $10 fee to our bank for this.  OUT OF OUR OWN POCKET.


We also ordered an Imperial Bottle of Wine to be signed by our guests.  

1.  Sattui sends the wrong bottle.

2.  Satuii sends the FedEx guy to the wrong address (I should also note that they sent the FedEx guy to the WRONG STATE-- how does that happen?????)

3.  Sattui expects us to send them the wrong bottle back without providing a receipt.  Why would we voluntariliy want to be liable for an expensive IMPERIAL sized bottle of wine??


This back-and-forth goes on for MONTHS.  It started in June and it is now late October!!!!!  

I live abroad and am spending 7 days in the States.  I have physically stayed at home for 2.5 days now waiting for the deposit check they supposedly overnighted.  I waited ALL DAY Tuesday for the check.  It never arrived (again-- I only have 7 days on my vacation and I'm wasting time staying at home waiting for this package that I need to sign for).  The VP/General Manager of V. Sattui, John Winkleahaus, told us that the check would arrive on Wednesday so I have waited home all day for it.

It still has not arrived so I called them to find out what was going on-- they forgot to send it and keep apologizing.

Pat Kruger has no manners when dealing with her brides ONCE she gets the initial wedding deposit from you.  This is non-refundable so her work is done in other words once she gets this deposit from you.  She has the audacity not to hear me out and ask what it is that I want-- when it is crystal clear that I'm trying to get my deposit back.

If any brides have any questions about V. Sattui, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I agree that the venue is beautiful... but dealing with their staff has been horrible to say the least and leaves such a sour taste in my mouth when I think about our wedding due to their mistakes and lack of manners/customer service.

Re: HORRIBLE Experience with V. Sattui Winery!!!

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    We had our wedding there almost 2 months ago, and it was also a very emotional experience.  They too were amazing when giving the tour and service was great while getting the contract details worked out.  It went downhill very quickly from there.

    I honestly felt like that because we were considered a petite wedding (65 guests total - that we were not important to them.  The wedding day was awkward and the corrdinators did not do a good job directing throughout the day.  Due to a series of unfortunate events, we did not have music during our reception.  My iPod actually sat there on a table....

    I won't explain the detail, but the wedding planning and coordinating with V. Sattui was not a positive experience.  At one point during a site/planning visit I broke down and cried.  If we could have afforded to walk away from the contract and loose our deposit, we would have. I'm honestly happy it's over and that we can begin our marriage.

  • Thanks for sharing ladies. Napa valley is one of the places we're considering for our wedding and your review was very helpful. I'm sorry your beautiful day was tainted by the stress of dealing with Sattui :(
  • Should have asked a local! Sattui is the lowest of low himself! Please don't judge the rest of the valley because of this tourist trap :( I am so sorry you both had horrible experiences.
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