Visiting winery venues - any tips?

I'm going to see some venues this weekend while my parents are in town ... anyone have any tips? Questions to ask, things to pay attention to, etc.? This is my first time with the venue viewing, so I'm worried I'll leave things out or not notice that there are no bathrooms, or something ridiculous like that!

We're looking at Paradise RidgeTrione, and Nicholson Ranch wineries.

We might also stop by Sebastiani Vineyards and Cornerstone Gardens, just to look around and do wine-tasting, even though I don't officially have appointments.

Opinions on these venues also welcome!

Re: Visiting winery venues - any tips?

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    Ask about lighting and photography opportunities.  What time of day will you be taking photos?  Where will the sun be at that time?  We had our wedding at a winery - the location was, of course, beautiful, but due to the location of the sun, there were locations that did not turn out.  It was and is a big dissappointment for us.
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    Did you make a decision on which winery?  Will be visiting in March and am interested in your reviews. Thanks.
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    Excellent Winery Venues in Napa....

    Hans Fahden

    Gloria Ferrer



    Buena Vista
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    Trentadue is beautiful
    Geyser Peak I have heard good things about

    If you do a google search for it there are about fifty different options in Sonaoma County alone. I would think about where in the county you want to be and work from there. Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, etc...
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