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I'm looking for hair stylist and makeup artist recommendations in the Sonoma area (getting married in Glen Ellen in June).  I'd like someone who can come on-site.  I live on the east coast so unfortunately, it is unlikely I'll be able to have a trial before hiring someone (I figured I'll do a trial the week of).  I'm pretty much going on recommendations!


Re: Hair and makeup recs needed

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    Try this service:

    They come to you.
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    Hi, I just happen to live in Glen Ellen.  What a coincidence.  I have two businesses.   I offer a professional, on site service to brides as their Personal Bridal Attendant.  I am there to take the pressure off,  assist the bride on her wedding day and free up time for the Mother of the Bride, the Maid of Honor and your attendants to just be able to enjoy that time with you.  I am also a professional seamstress specializing in Bridal and Evening Wear.  Combining these two specialties I offer the following:
    Makeup run through and skin analysis prior to your wedding day.  Since you are out of town we would be doing a consult via email & regular mail.

    Skin Prep & Makeup Application
    Check Gown
    Make sure you stay hydrated and have eaten.
    Provide Bridal emergency Kit (bandaids, tissues, hair pins, hair spray, lavendar sachet, Q-Tips, Tylenol, etc.
    Sewing emergencies like taking care of mishaps that may occur for you and your wedding party.  Like buttons or straps coming off, zippers malfunctioning or ripping out, torn hems, ribbons coming off bouquets, beads coming off, etc.
    I stay to do the bustle on your gown.
    Makeup touchups for you and your attendants for pictures. 

    Email me for additional information.  I look forward to hearing from you. 
    [email protected]

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    Check this place, they can come to you: It’s a date at the Powder Room

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    Catalina's Skin & Body in Sonoma is amazing!!!!  There work is great.  The best part is doing a mani/pedi party the day before with all your bridesmaids.  Their shop and staff are great and so helpful.
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    I am going with Elizabeth Meyers of Sonoma Beauty Weddings for my May 30 wedding. I found her online through Yelp, and met her this past weekend. While her website isn't great, her actual portfolio was good. She will be doing hair and makeup for me and my bridesmaids, meeting us at the hotel.

    I have had really good hair and makeup done in the past for other occasions, so I was really picky, FYI. I am going to have my run-thorugh in the next few weeks and I'll let you know how it goes. One thing I really liked about her is that she willl do what you want, not what she wants. She was very detailed in getting a lot of info as to what will me and the girls will want, which is cool.
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    My make-up artist is absolutely amazing! She did my sister's wedding too! Her name is Sonia Roselli :)

    Check her out! Although she doesn't live in Napa..she loves working there and will work with you!! Totally worth it! Super nice, super talented! She was voted Chicago's Best Makeup Artist!

    GOOD LUCK!!! :) Have you found someone for hair??

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    Hair and Make-up - DO NOT GO WITH NINA BARBOSA!! She was 2 1/2 HOURS LATE on my wedding day!! This made it impossible to take pictures before the wedding like we had wanted.  AND she did not stay until I walked down the aisle as promised.  The list of negatives goes on and on including her asking me days before the wedding how I came up with the total amount owed and that I needed to add $100 for travel.  I referred her to the contract SHE WROTE which stated the total AND that travel was INCLUDED!  I know a lot of people rave about her...I was one of those but being that late with no explaination and no apology on my wedding day was inexcusable to me along with stress she caused a week before my wedding.
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