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Hello knotties! I just recently got engaged and we're trying to plan a nice wedding in Napa/Sonoma.  I'm on a tight budget (10-15K) and was thinking it may save me $ to rent a venue where it holds the ceremony and you are to bring in your own food and alcohol.  I know Gloria Ferrer has that option.  Can anyone else help me out with venues that has that option? TIA!  AND if you could recommend a good reasonably priced caterer, that would be awesome!

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  • Hi Jen,
    I am in the same boat as you.  We are having a small group, but everything is still so pricey.  The Harvest Inn was recommended to me, and it's beautiful, but the site fee is kind of high.  I would love to hear what you come up with, if you want to share.  Thanks and good luck!
  • Hi ladies!
    I am getting married in Sonoma County (not destination, I live here) this September. I can tell you that most wineries do not allow other alcohol onsite, especially not hard alcohol. Plus because most people want a vineyard wedding wineries tend to be a little overpriced. That being said there are many great options. 
    • Alexander Valley Community Hall is beautiful and reasonably priced, has a kitchen and lets you choose your own vendors and bring in booze. Its in the vineyards, but doesn't have a great ceremeony location. (But I have been to ceremnies on-site and it was fine)
    • The Bodgea Yacht Club is reasonably priced, though everything is through them.
    • Sonoma and Napa counties have amazing Regional Parks, many have picnic areas and clubhouses. Not fancy but nature-oriented brides might enjoy this option. All you need to do is pay extra money to get an alcohol permit, along with your regular party permits.
    • DeTurk Round Barn is gorgeous, they just redid the inside. I think its a Santa Rosa City Park and can be accessed through their website-or google. Food and drinks are up to you!
    • A good caterer (but not fancy) is Bear Republic Brewing Company- they also will be able to recommend nearby wedding sites.
    • There are a million little ranches and large estates in Sonoma nad Napa counties. is good, or any site that caters to house rentals. 
    There are hundreds of locations. is pretty useful. Good luck!!

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    How large will your wedding be? Many places, like Auburge du Soleil and Meritage Resort have fantastic small "elopement" and "intimate" weddings that include ceremony, rooms, food, wine for more affordable prices. Maybe try looking at small weddings at resorts. You cant bring your own beverages or food though. Congrats!
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