Is it possible to get married in Napa/Sonoma for under 5000?

The Napa/Sonoma area is a super special place for my fiance and me, but unfortunately we really can't afford to have a fancy $20000 wedding.  Honestly,  for me the wedding isn't about a huge guest list (I'm thinking maybe 50 people) or fancy food and decorations or even an expensive dress.  I just want a beautiful location where I can spend the day with the people I care about about most.
Now obviously, I do want to have food and wine at the wedding, but I don't want to have a minimum food/drink requirement or pay some outrageous reception use fee.  I really don't want to have to spend more than $5000 (not including the dress or the ring or anything like that...just the ceremony and reception).

Is there any place in the Napa/Sonoma counties that fits this profile?

Re: Is it possible to get married in Napa/Sonoma for under 5000?

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    We have shot weddings here before and its a beautiful setting.  The reason I think it may work for you is that I know they offer discounts on Friday and Sunday weddings.  Great luck with everything.

    KMD Creations
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    I'm getting married at Sonoma State university I'm paying $65 a head plus a beverage package. Even if you go crazy on your beverage package you'd only be spending like $4K. There's no minimum. They're really accomodating and the space you get married in (lakes and arbor) are beautiful. It's also set off from the rest of the campus so you are not bothered by the school. Good Luck!
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    Hi, my wife and I had a destination wedding in Sonoma County last August with 100 guests and did it all for roughly $5K.  It takes a little bit of creative thinking, but it's totally doable.  We had a backyard wedding at a Private Residence that rents out their home for weddings:

    We Had Diane from Divine Creations Floral do our flowers.... right now we're sitting at a total of about $1450.  We had to get event insurance: $250 from State Farm.  Rentals were our next big expense at around $800... We found a photographer we did some trades with to shoot the wedding, and involved all of our guests.  We had homemade food, décor, favors... everything.  Instead of wedding gifts we asked for someone to do something they were good at for our wedding:  wedding cupcakes, DJ, etc... 

    The only other big expense we had was the wedding dress... everything else was either hand made or bought with coupons from Michaels or World Market.  We still get compliments on our wedding today and we didn't have to break the bank. 

    Another great resource for the vendors that you DO pay for is It's a fairly new site that I wish we had for our wedding, but they've got a LOT of great vendors on the site.  Makes everything really easy to find. 
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