Looking for DJ/cinematographer/cake in Napa

Can anyone make suggestions for cake bakery (no fondant-- very light tasting cake..preferably coffee/expresso flavor), also looking for a cinematographer (what is the usual budget for video alone?  not photos included).  also-- any dj suggestions?

thanks a million guys :)

Re: Looking for DJ/cinematographer/cake in Napa

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    i need a cake too!! :) I think I might be usinig Perfect Endings. It's the place my venue recommended.

    Also, for DJ, I'm using Sound in Motion - Kevin. He's in his 30s ( think!), professional, super nice, and fun. I hope I made a good choice!!

    Where are you getting married? :)

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    We're using Perfect Endings and, although we haven't had the "day of" thing yet, we were really impressed with our tasting.  In all honesty, the cake from there is the "food" portion of the wedding that I'm most looking forward to.  They don't come cheap though, so if you're budgeting you may want to look elsewhere. (I think its $7-8/person)  We would've had to pay extra for a cake from somewhere else, so they were our one option, but we're REALLY happy with them. 
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    For video check out:
    Their packages start at $1500
    Good luck!
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