Greek Orthodox Destination Wedding

I'm posting this on a few different message boards hoping to find someone who has any information. I know I'm kind of taking a shot in the dark. My fiance and I are both Greek, and it means a lot for us to get married in a Greek Orthodox church. However, we've only been engaged for a few weeks and we're already stressed out. Our guest list is getting bigger and bigger, and I'm starting to entertain the idea of a small destination wedding. I was wondering if anybody knows of any Greek Orthodox churches in beautiful areas? I know there's 2 in Hawaii and one in the Bahamas but I have no idea what kind of area they're in. Has anyone been to these churches? I also wouldn't mind getting married in a picturesque area of Florida, California or anywhere that's beautiful and will be a nice trip for my family. Any suggestions? Greece is way too far, I was looking to stay close to the states.

Re: Greek Orthodox Destination Wedding

  • There is a Greek Orthodox church in Vallejo, CA (i.e., Napa Valley). I'm doing the same myself (do not want a big, fat Greek wedding).
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