HELP: WIne Country Venues for $35,000 budget

Hi Everyone,
I am going to look at venues in the napa valley this upcoming week but am having a hard time narrowing down my list. There seem to be so many options but at the same time I feel like maybe I'm missing some hidden gems. I'm going to post my list of possible venues below and I would love it if other brides could leave their previous experiences and reviews about some of the venues. Also, if there is a venue that isn't listed feel free to mention it as well. 

A few bits of helpful information:
Our total budget is 36,000 but after our rings we will only have around 30,000-32,000. Also, we want both the ceremony and reception to take place outside. The dancing can take place either outside or inside, we are flexible with that. 

So here goes the list (In order of our favorites):
Vinters Inn
Bear Flag Farm
V. Sattui Winery
Ledson (too expensive)
Silverado Resort
B.R. Cohn Winery
Harvest Inn
The Vintage Estate in Yountville
Calastoga Ranch
Gloria Ferrer Caves
Charles Krug Winery
Jeriko Estate in Mendocino
Dawn Ranch Lodge
White House Inn

Sorry I know its a long list. I'm trying to cut it down because I know we can not visit all of these places. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Re: HELP: WIne Country Venues for $35,000 budget

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    How many guests are you expecting? That can make a big difference in the space available--especially for doing everything outdoors. I'm using Sebastiani in Sonoma with the ceremony and cocktail hours outside, but dinner and dancing inside.

    Cline Cellars also has a beautiful outdoor space--but as I recall the site fee was pretty steep. That's the kicker with Napa/Sonoma--the site fees are killer on the budget. Another bride is using Buena Vista and I think their site fee is a bit lower than average for the area.

    I've visted most of your options for tasting or dinner, but can't comment on the wedding experience. We chose Sebastiani because we wanted a winery in Sonoma that was walking distance to the square. It's the only option, so check, check, check! :-)

    Good luck!
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    We were just there last weekend, checking out venues.  We looked at Vintners Inn and Brix on your list.  Vintners was a possibility and a nice property with reasonably priced rooms for guests to stay there.  It really wasn't our style overall though.  We didn't like the restaurant aspect of Brix as to having our destination wedding at a restaurant.   We ended up going with Solage Calistoga which you might check out.  How many guests you're having would help determine whether these venues are affordable for $32k.  Calistoga Ranch is $$$$. 
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    Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the feedback. We are having between 80 and 100 guests. I will check put solace again. I looked at their site before but not sure why it didn't make it to my list. I think I agree about Brix and the restaurant aspect being a neative. I think it's off our list too. We are getting into the area this Sunday and are going to spend a few days looking at venues an just driving around to see what we find. Should be fun! I'll post pics. Our first stop will be BR Cohn. Any one checked that out yet?
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    Solage will be alot for that many people (we're in the smaller space for just 30-40 ppl).  They have a $200/pp food and bev. minimum.   Vintners Inn will be a real contender for you I'll bet! 
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    BR Cohn is beautiful, but absolutely everything is outside. It is a beautiful location, but wasn't what we were looking for. Our wedding was at Vintner's Inn. The only downside to Vintner's was the wedding coordinator.......there was quite a bit of miscommunication. They do require you to have a day of coordinator and their coordinator, Lindsay came through in the end, but there were some tough spots before. Vintner's is definitely in your price range.Check out my bios for more info. WE LOVED LOVED LOVED our florist, makeup artists, and the string quartet!
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    Don't forget V.Sattui, as it is one of the few wineries in the Ag Preserve that allows weddings.   It is a beautiful space that offers weddings in the (amphitheater-like) courtyard or on the lawn in front of the tower.     While it is a busy tourist attraction, when they close the doors to the public, it becomes magical.    Other reasons include some powerful architecture, real winery scents (often overlooked, but a definite mood setter), and some wonderful nooks, lines, and compositions for photography (which is my business here in Napa).   

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    me and the gf are budgeting 23k for a wedding(50people) and saw some of your sites

    She loved st francis but it was out of our budget , perfect fo 80 guets tight for 100 the coordinator told us, good wines as well, but no cride changing rooms on site

    We stopped at krug but didnt liek the wines that much

    v. sattui was nice but the wines werent that great,  the ten inthe back did not come down they said and we wanted a 100% outdoor wedding/ reception

    one place i noticed  you didnt write down was  arista winery. We really liked them wine was great, sceneray was awesome

    Cohn was nice but the area for the outdoor rececption was non descript
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    A good resource you can look at, though it's fairly new and doesn't have much in the way of venues yet, but would be a big help for all of your wedding vendors is
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