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Hello ladies!
I just stopped by your page, because I am MOH for a wedding in June, and I would like to find a make-up artist to come to our hotel room. Does anyone have the name of someone really good in the area? Thank you in advance!

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    My make-up artist travels to and from Chicago and Napa (she's in Napa this week) and comes to you on your wedding day.  She was voted Chicago's best make up artist!  If you email her today or this week, maybe you two can meet up and have a trail session? You can email her at [email protected].  Her website is if you want to check out her work too. She's amazing!  Hope that helps! Are you getting married this June? Where are you getting married? I'm getting married next June :)
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    I just emalled her after seeing your recommendation but was wondering if you knew a ballpark price range I'm looking at??  I have no idea what is reasonable.  thanks!
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    I would tell her how much you would love to have her as your makeup artist after looking at her portfolio.  Maybe then ask her what's the best price that she's able to give you. I think most brides make-up costs around $200-$400.  At least that's what I've found. Kinda pricey...but to be honest, Sonia is the very best. :) Let me know what she says. :)

    Hope everything is going well with your wedding planning!
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    Hair and Make-up - DO NOT GO WITH NINA BARBOSA!! She was 2 1/2 HOURS LATE!! This made it impossible to take pictures before the wedding like we had wanted.  AND she did not stay until I walked down the aisle as promised.  The list of negatives goes on and on including her asking me days before the wedding how I came up with the total amount owed and that I needed to add $100 for travel.  I referred her to the contract SHE WROTE which stated the total AND that travel was INCLUDED!  I know a lot of people rave about her...I was one of those but being that late with no explaination and no apology on my wedding day was inexcusable to me.
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    Jim Avila was a recommended vendor with my venue, so you know he has a good track record and he did an amazing job at my trial.  Plus, he has a great personality.  He also does hair-- he's more of an image in general guy than just a makeup artist. He's steep, pricewise though.  $1,500 covers hair and makeup for up to five girls.

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    I just had my run-through with my hair and makeup woman, and it was great!

    Elizabeth Meyers
    Sonoma Beauty Weddings

    It was a little bit of a junk show, as she was in the process of moving while the store was being remodeled and it was the Saturday of Prom, so I was in the middle of teenage girls getting ready. I have naturally corkscrew curly hair and she handled it like a pro - it looked fabulous, and the makeup was exactly what I wanted and made me glow.

    I highly reccomend her. I also like supporting small local business, especially since she has her own business. If you're still looking for hair and makeup in Sonoma/Napa, give her a call and see if you click. She is coming to us, which is really nice, so we don't have to go anywhere and can do the full "bridal suite" thing.

    Our wedding is in 21 days, and i will post hair pics afterward for you.
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