Getting married in Healdsburg!! Has anyone been to Madrona Manor??

Hello Ladies,

My fiance and I are getting married in Healdsburg next year (August 2013). We both live in LA, but Healdsburg is very dear to us. Our dream was to be married at Preston Winery as it is our favorite winery, but that's impossible. They don't allow wedding ceremonies or receptions on their property. Upon learning this, I started googling wedding venues in Healdsburg and came across the Madrona Manor. It looks GORGEOUS and has awesome reviews!! We do plan on checking it out this summer when we visit Healdsburg. Can anyone tell me what I should expect? Whether it's good news or bad, I'd REALLY like to know from someone who's been there.

Thank you!!!

Re: Getting married in Healdsburg!! Has anyone been to Madrona Manor??

  • I'm getting married at the Madrona Manor in October, and I've stayed there and eaten at the restaurant a couple of times. It's an amazingly gorgeous property with awesome food. We actually picked it based almost solely on the quality of the food! The wedding coordinator, Kacie, has been really sweet and helpful. They have a few options for wedding packages based on how much you want to spend and how private you want the event to be - you can have just the outside patio (no music or dancing, but way cheaper) or you can book out the entire property. They have good relationships with the vendors in town, and the sommelier/maitre d' is actually helping us find a venue for our rehearsal picnic the day before.

    Our only negative so far has been that the food is so good we're tempted to go wildly over budget on the reception dinner :)
  • they actually have reasonable fees too. I was considering it at one point.
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