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Trying to Keep Busy....Help!

Here's my Situation... I would like have  a few DIY projects incorporated into my Wedding Planning, becuase I don't want to be bored with the Process.

I booked a Reception Venue that takes care of the Catering, DJ, Decorations, and it provides engraved napkins and a guesbook. That knocks a couple things off of the to do list.  I already have someone who will decorate the church for the ceremony, so I won't have to focus on that as much.  I'm grateful that this will relieve a lot of stress as far as the planning and booking, but I want something that I can work on to keep busy. 
Do you gals have any ideas of what I can work on that would be fun to do???

Our theme is LoveBirds, and I found a pic online of a birdcage that would be nice to have as centerpieces or maybe even decor for the aisle...Maybe I can decorate a few cages to hand over to the decorator to use....
What do you all think?  Do you think this would be nice to have?

ANY Ideas you have would be helpful!
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