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Should I let him register at REI?

My FI loves the store REI. It's an outdoors store that sells clothes and equiptment for camping, skiing, biking, hiking, etc.  He has been asking me for months if we can make a registry from that store. I like the store, however, I do not think items from that store should belong on our registery. He thinks otherwise. He wants a nice tent, a pack for hiking, and many a few other items. We have never been camping together, although we may go in the future. I do not hike.

I am planning on registering at JCPenny's and Macy's for all of our kitchen and bath stuff. Should I allow him to make one at REI too? He says he'll only put about 10 items on there.

On more thing, we live 45 minutes from the REI and a lot of our guests live around us. So that means they will have to purchase the gift online. Is this okay?
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