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Okay i have a very good support system for my wedding. and my parents are paying for everything except things like our rings and honemoon. and my dad is giving me a quite large budget. and then i have my mother not sure what shes giving me towards it but im sure it will be enough. 

my question is what is a normal budget or what have any of you set for your budget at. my family has the money and while i don't take them for granted and abuse it. i would like a realistic price range....
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Re: Budget.

  • Wow my budget is 5k thats all
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  • Mine started at 10K and somehow we are up to 20K...it seems like the budget grows as you start chosing venues and stuff...in my defense, i think we left some odds and ends off which added up in the end.
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  • well. lets rephrase this a bit. thanks for everyone answering.  however, i do not have to pay a decorater. i do not have to pay for a wedding planner. i do not have to pay for a cake. and i do not have to pay a florist. in return i have to buy the flowers. and the supplies to make the cake. but my uncle is doing my flowers for free. my mom is making my cake. we are all decorating ourselves. my dad is making my wedding arch. and my best friend is taking pictues and my wedding planner is not charging because shes a good friend. 

    so i have a lot of things going for me. that being said my dad is giving me 10,000 and my mom is give me probably 3-4,000....so with all that being said i would think this is enough?!?!?
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  • Yes!  100% I believe that you will have plenty left over for a HM! 
    Congrats on having so many talents surround you!
  • Yes, I really think that $13K or $14K would be enough to cover all of the expenses you'll incur outside of the freebies.  Looks like judging from the responses you've gotten, others have budgets set between $5K and $15K to cover everything that you may not have to cover.  With that being said, you're be SET!
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    That will definitely be enough. We started with a budget of 12k and are currently look at expenses in the10k range. With our honeymoon and the odds and ends that come up before the wedding, we're looking at about 15k total for 200 guests.
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    Based on 130 people:

    My parents are paying for:
    Approx. $10,000 for ceremony/reception (Includes: room rental fees, ceremony fees, chairs, linens, 130 people for seated dinner with two options + 3 appetizers + $1,500 towards open bar)


    My FI and I are paying for:
    Photographer: $1,900 after tax (includes engagement pics + album, and 8 hrs of wedding day coverage with two photographers)

    DJ: $895 (includes ceremony music, reception music, uplighting)

    Dress + veil came to $649

    Save the dates: $80

    Cake: $400


    There are quite a few other things we haven't priced out yet but we're getting a really good deal on flowers.. I think our total will be under 20k

    We definitely could have saved more than we did in a few areas, but we're fortunately able to pay without going into debt because of the way we're getting help. If my parents weren't helping with the ceremony/reception we'd be SOL.

  • We are inviting 150 people and paying for the event ourselves.  Our budget is $30k.
  • We're having approx 100 people, paying for everything ourselves and have a budget of about 12k

    ask for off season discounts and look for decor items that other brides are reselling.  it's a great way to watch the cost on non-essentials.  we also bundled ceremony/reception/hotel site and they discounted us there too. 
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