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Packing Stinks

The excitment of our new home together has (for now) worn off. Why? Packing. Even this is our first place ever and we've both lived with our parents all of our lives, somewhat we have a lot of stuff. Especially my husband. I think it's because he's such a pack rat and keeps EVERYTHING. With me, I have a comfy clothes obession. I have so many t-shirts, jeans and sweatpants. But, been doing good and donated a large chunk of it.

I probably won't be on until next week sometime when our internet gets connected. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for the continued support! = )
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Re: Packing Stinks

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    Yes, yes it does stink! Hey my DH is also a bit of a pack rat.. I very much believe in the 1 year rule (if you havent seen it used it or worn it in the past year its got to go!) I'm working on him adhering to that rule.

    Packing is icky but just think soon you will be in your very own place!! Have a great weekend!
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  • I would agree with you on clothes.  Not so much on other things.
  • I hate packing but the good thing is you get to throw away/donate a lot of stuff.  Getting rid of junk is a good thing...it makes you feel lighter.  Just don't forget to do it again til you move on to the next place (like me)!  Good luck!
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  • I am the pack rat. I really am not looking forward to moving my stuff at all. Plus, I have lived in the same house all my life, so leaving will be really wierd.
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