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**RANT** Sorry guys...

I am so disappointed right now, and I just have to get it out....

Since Christmas, I have been having some communication issues with my wedding planner, one of the reasons we have nothing done with the wedding yet. I asked her for a breakdown of the preliminary budget, which she provided and it happens to be about $1000 over budget. Recently, my FMIL was laid off and has offered much more of her time, so she asked to see the budget and timeline, to see where she could help. When i sent her the information, she asked where the budget was for the little things - such as officiant, BM/GM gifts, rings, veil, shoes, accessories, tuxedo rental, out of town gift bags, postage for the invitations (FMIL already offered to pay for the DIY invites, so that was not included), rehersal dinner, and sudry other items. Needless to say, i am about to have a heart attack thinking about how much more these other items will amount to.

I thought you hire a wedding planner to make things less stressful, not more. I am so frustrated at this point I am ready to give up. To make things worse, my "stand in mother" decided she wants to be a Queen B and not go dress shopping with me. She just doesn't think it will be fun.

Ok, I am sorry for the negativity, I just had to get this out to a group of girls who would understand...Happy weekend guys! :)
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