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Too soon to ask the wedding party to buy apparel?

My fiance and I have very particular taste and have been looking for a pink and grey tie pattern for him and his groomsmen for a while now. All the patterns that we have found have been too pink or too dark of a grey, until now... 

We finally found the perfect pattern in Express, however, now we are in the dilema of asking the groomsmen to purchase them this early. The ties are really expensive ($49) but may not come around again in the next year before the wedding. However, I dont know if I can ask them to buy these, knowing that they will be renting suits down the road. I have also heard that it is cheap to 'buy' a gift for your wedding party that you are forcing them to wear on the wedding day. I also dont want to buy them and change my mind in a year!

Should we just forget about it and see what colors we can rent with the suits or go for it because I will regret it if I dont?

What is the budget typically for a groomsman to spend?

Re: Too soon to ask the wedding party to buy apparel?

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    I was heading to the December 2011 board when I saw this, so forgive me but I thought I'd chime in :). I personally would not ask the groomsmen to buy anything this early. I think it's really far away from your wedding date to be asking attendants to buy ties. Plus, asking them to buy it now is no guarantee that you won't get a call from the chronically late guy (if you have one, we def. do!) telling you "oops, they are sold out now, and I didn't manage to grab one."

    If you have your heart set on them and really think regret is going to be an issue, I think you need to pay for them all now to make sure they all have one/they are available for the wedding. I'm not sure about it being tacky to make them a gift - in nearly every wedding I've been in, the bride has given us jewelry to wear with our dresses, but that's definitely something to consult an etiquette book about. I agree that something feels "off" there. 

    If they are also going to be renting suits, a $50 tie is pretty hefty in my neck of the woods, but I don't know how expensive the rentals are nor what is typical - I imagine that varies by region/social circle. Do you have any recently married friends you can ask?

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    I say too early. I've changed my mind on colors, styles...numerous times already haha. You may not end up changing your mind, but a number of things could change: your wedding party could change for some unseen problems, you could change your mind on colors, the place where you decide to get the tuxes from may have ties that you fall in love with...

    I know where you are coming from-I want to get planning too, but this is one thing I would hold off on if it were me! :D
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    I would definitely say too soon and agree with the changing of ideas and colors. If you're really dead set on it, wait until after the Holidays to get the ties when they'll be on sale. Then you can buy them yourself as a gift to the GMs. And if you change your mind, you can always still give them as a gift anyway.
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