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I am exhausted

There were storms here in CO last night but they weren't by us when we went to bed. The news didn't show that they were going to be by us at all. We went to bed at 10.  It was thundering bad with some hail but nothing I haven't been through before.  Then at 11:30, ( I was STIll awake) the sirens go off. So we get up, turn on the TV and they are reporting that the swirling clouds are right above our apt!!!!!!!!!!! So we watched the news for 1 hr as we listened to the hail pound down on my car. :( They kept saying if you are at the intersection of 285 and X street, you are in the most danger. People from the second floor came knocking to see if they could hang out with us on the 1st floor since its safer.

Finally at 12:30 they moved on, and we went back to bed. This is unusal weather for CO.

Re: I am exhausted

  • Wow.  Sounds scary!
  • Looks like its coming back today.  I can hear it thundering.
  • We've had rain here in OK this week, but storms like that were here last week.  I hope everything is okay where you are.  As much as hail sucks, I'd rather have it than a tornado.

    Hopefully it's just rain for you today.
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  • We had some houses locally (about 20-30 mins from me) get taken out by tornadoes a couple days ago.  Also had a bunch of water spouts.
  • Thank you. Everything in fine here.  J said that was barely any hail damage.
  • I'm glad you were safe. That must have been scary. 

    Last night we had intense quarter size hail here. We never get hail so it was kind of scary. It only lasted for 10 minutes or so but there was a high school graduation going on nearby and I felt so bad for all the people because the graduation was outside. 
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  • I hate tornados. They are my biggest fear in the world, because there was one very close to my house when I was young. I am glad you are ok, I actually wondered if you were when I heard about them on the news.
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