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Trouble at Work

I'm going to try and make this short... My boss came to me yesterday about two sitiuatuions either parents or other staff members saw happen between myself and two of the children I teach. They said I am too rough with the students. They said the one situation happened when I am removed a student who climbed on the table.

My boss talked to me about the situations the parents and other staff members saw. I was completely honest with her. I told her I never have and never would intentionally hurt a child. Appearances can be decieving especially from a distance. That is why my boss has told my co teacher and I to watch our body language etc.

My boss is taking statements from the other staff members who saw the situation happen to get all sides of the story. I am so scared because I have NEVER before been in this situation. I just needed to vent... sorry I did not give specifics.
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