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GTKY: How did you and your FI meet?

I've seen many getting to know you questions on other boards so I figured we could give it a try here too! We've got 9 (hopefully not too long) months until we all get married, so lets start getting to know everyone!

So tell us, how and when did you and your FI meet?
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Re: GTKY: How did you and your FI meet?

  • I met my FI at a party.  I had just gotten a promotion for a job, and a friend convinced me to go to this party with her.  I didn't really want too, but she said "you could meet the man you'll marry".  Little did she know, my FI was there and I was umm lets say...a little gone, and we started talking.  We have been inseperatable since.  He still teases me about how there are parts of that night I don't remember. :)
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    Sassy, you need to tell yours, too!!

    Hippo<3, that's too cute!

    Ours is a very trite story:

    He started working for the same company as me and sat right in front of my friend. having a HUGE jones for gingers, i kept parading myself in front of him hoping to catch his eye. He didnt' seem interested, but my friend was on good terms with him, so she invited him to her "going away party" (a rouse to get him outside of work) and he never showed. I was crushed. a few weeks later, we started talking about work and i harassed him about his horrible sunburn (he was peeling) and he started IM'ing me. It progressed from there and we went on a "NOT DATE" (I told him it was not a date and paid for our dinner out) and he told me there that he had shown up to the party but never saw us. Our "NOT DATE" turned into a date pretty quickly after that. I realized what a catch he was and never let him go. :)

    wow, we do have a kinda cute story! haha.
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  • I met my FI online through Eharmony. I love to give him a hard time because he almost didn't talk to me! He told me that at first he didn't think my profile was complete enough ( I didn't answer every single question)! but something told him to at least give it a shot and I am so happy that he did! We went out to lunch for our first meeting and hit it off instantly. There was tons of talking! Unfortunately I was on my way out of town for my vacation so I had to end the date. We went out for an official date shortly after I got home from my vacation and I felt just as good about him then as I did on our initial meeting.
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  • Hi Ladies,

    I've been slacking on my posts lately, have gottenh alot of DIY projects done, I really need to work on my BIO!

    Anywho! I apologize if this is long and boring, I can't leave out the details! 
     I met my Fiance our first day of Freshmen year in highschool. I was sitting with some girlfriends and passed him a note "your cute, you got a girlfriend" to which he LIED! "nope!" we passed notes all day and then spent the rest of highschool in different classes, (he studied trades, me business) in a very large city highschool these classes are in seperate buildings.

    Senior year we had a class together and he sat in front of me, we joked and chatted alot. Meanwhile he was still dating the same girl, we were going on Spring Break together, and a few other classmates, (which happened to be my 18th birthday week) and kept joking about 'hooking up' (a bit promiscuous for our age I guess,.. oops) The second day while away we did end up being together and then didnt seperate for the rest of the week, come to find out he had tried to break up with his current girlfriend but she pulled a guilt trip and he fell for it.. We got off the plane on the way home and i was pretty bummed thinking what a great week we had and it was all over. That Monday when we got to school he came in and told me he broke up with his girlfriend the night we got home and that he had wanted to call me but didnt have my number. Since he was coming out of a pretty serious relationship we decided to give it some time, but still attended our senior prom together and casually dated. On the last day of highschool we had to clean out our lockers and he pulled out those notes from the first day of highschool.

    We've been together since. This year will be 8 years.
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  • Everyone's stories are really cute!

    My fiance and I met in 8th grade. We had alot of the same classes together-and I always caught him looking my way but never really thought much of it. We started Instant Messaging eachother halfway through our 8th grade year, and one day he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since then. this past February we celebrated 8 years together! :)
  • FI and I were both working across from campus, me at a bookstore and him at a video store. My supervisor (and friend) was dating FI's coworker. FI and his coworkers were part of a bowling league that met up every week. My friend and I decided to hang out together while they were bowling. She gave FI a ride to the bowling alley and he and I sat next to each other in her truck. I don't think FI or I said a single word to each other the whole ride. (We're both somewhat reserved people.)

    I decided to get a second job and ended up working at the video store with FI. We started talking and getting to know each other. We started going to movies and dinner together and things progressed from there. It was easy to talk to him and we would go on about anything really. (Funny, considering the first night we met!) I realized we had a lot in common. At one point, I even found myself thinking that he might be the one!  One night, we were at a bar playing pool and I had a feeling that night would be our first kiss. When he walked me home, I got super nervous, said good night, and literally ran away from him! Our first kiss wasn't until the next night!

    We'll have been together 9 years this July.
  • AWW I love all the love stories!
  • As Mom always said (hate it when she is right), “it will happen when you least expect it”.  My soccer team always plays a tournament during each fall and spring season.  Normally, the fall tournament is played in Austin.  In 2007, the Austin Women’s Soccer League decided that it would be a good idea to move their tournament to July since the 90 degree plus weather in late September was not nearly hot enough to really challenge the participating teams.  So, the team decided to give the inaugural (and final) Kick it By the Bay tournament in Corpus Christie, TX a visit.  The team stayed at the host hotel on Corpus Christie Bay where not only their little party was taking place, but apparently a big military to-do was happening also.  As a few of the team members were walking around the grounds, enjoying their cold and refreshing sudsy treat from the registration room, two team members decided to enlist an unsuspecting Navy couple on a matchmaking venture between a single ‘Navy guy’ and a single ‘Soccer chick’ while I hid behind the shrubbery in embarrassment.  The malehalf of the unsuspecting Navy couple jumped right on the proposed task and disappeared into the ballroom leaving his lovely wife to help coax me from behind the shrubbery into the open.  Soon an unknown Navy guy appeared and joined the party, but Navy man on the mission was nowhere to be found and no one knew who this mysterious guy was.  Shortly, our mission leader reappeared with a Navy guy about 6’ tall, Ba-lue eyes, and black hair and introduced him .  Apparently, the delay of their return was due to the need for some coaxing.  Mr. Blue Eyes was having too much fun inside until he was enticed with the knowledge of soccer chicks outside.  Needless-to-say, we spent many hours talking, dancing, taking pictures, and having a great time.  The next morning came rather early and the torrential rains did not postpone the tournament for long.  We played the early morning game with no newly acquired fans, but Blue-eyes said he would attend the afternoon game.  I had heard that story before, but had hope that he would show.  The afternoon game was stopped in the middle of the first half due to the heavy rain (literally raining sideways) and we were all huddled under the overhang of the concessions center waiting for the rains to ease up.  Watching the rain, a vehicle enters the parking lot and Blue eyes gets out of the vehicle.  The rain let up—it was no longer raining sideways—and the game was resumed.  Blue eyes stood in the rain cheering us on.  He drove me back to the hotel and asked me to dinner.  When he was on his way to pick me up for dinner, I asked if a) he would mind hanging with the team and b) go somewhere to watch college football.  Auburn was playing #1 ranked Florida.  A good sport, he helped cart part of the team to Hooters for wings, beer, and football.  What guy could scoff at that for a date?!?  Note:  he decided to be cute and root for Florida…Auburn spanked them, and, I believe he learned the error of his ways and has not rooted against Auburn since (to my knowledge).  Fun was had by all and a date was set for the next morning at the soccer field.  Sun finally shining, there he was bright and early to cheer for us again.  After the game, it was back to the hotel and he was gracious enough to escort some of us to Port Aransas for beachwear shopping and lunch.  When it was time to head back to Dallas, he escorted us 30 miles up the road for a shortcut back to Dallas and said our good-byes.  The following Friday he drove to Dallas and we have been burning up the highways and byways between Dallas and Yorktown ever since. 

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  • jl46jl46 member
    I met him on Match.com.

    I joined because I'm a designer. I don't meet available straight men at work, period haha (I know that is a huge sterotype, but for me, it has been so true.) He joined because he goes to Full Sail University (tech school, pretty much all dudes.)

    I was embarassed to be on a dating website, I didn't even put a photo up. I just browsed to see if there were anyone that might be worth talking to. I came across his profile and I saw we were in similar degrees (but not so similar that we'd be overly competitive) and that he had similar musical tastes, values etc. so I "winked" at him lol (match.com's way of initiation without email) he was on vacation with family and dispite me not having a photo decided to email me and we started chating. We went back and forth for awhile. Finally went on a date, hit it off. Went to dinner at 7, didn't come home til after 2am. Completely innocent, wonderful getting to know each other date. It was perfect. Needless to say, now we're engaged to be married - I couldn't be happier!
  • It was the morning of my 30th birthday, October 31, 2009, when I did an advanced search on a dating site called "Plenty of Fish". I had signed up for the site just three weeks before, and was not having much luck, until that morning. I came across Dennis' profile and I had a great feeling about him. His headline said, "North Carolina to the Jersey Shore" which caught my eye because I love North Carolina and had even lived there in the past. In his profile I loved everything he had to say and I couldn't believe how much we had in common. He was a middle school teacher just like me!  He wrote how he really liked to be active. It was great to see a person who really seemed to enjoy life. I sent him a quick message telling him that for four summers I lived in Wilmington, NC and that I would love to talk more about all we seem to have in common.

     After spending the day with my family I returned home to discover he had written a nice message back. In this message he told me he was living in Wilmington! I couldn't believe it. He told me where he was living and I knew the exact street he was on. He told me he was moving back to NJ, to where his parents live, three weeks later. After his move he would only be about an hour away from me. We shared instant message screen names the next morning we began chatting on there. Our first chat session lasted a little over three hours! We chatted a lot more on instant message but then he asked if he could call me and even though I was nervous I said sure. We talked for hours that night! Every time we talked we had so much to say to each other and we both had excitement in our voices.  We quickly began planning our first date and decided it would be the weekend after he moved back to NJ. So on November 20, 2009 we met at a restaurant called The Office located in Toms River. Even though we had talked so much before-hand, I was still very nervous. The date went wonderfully. We had wonderful conversations and after dinner we went to a bar down the street. I felt so comfortable with him! He was so nice! I had such a great feeling about him. He didn't kiss me at the end of the night, but that was okay because he did ask me to go out with him again! Of course I said yes and we've been together ever since.  


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  • We met at a local restaurant.  He smiled from the bar and bought me a drink.  I invited him out to a party with us.  He had recently moved to New Orleans for residency.  We actually attended the same dental school and didn't realize it until later on that night.  Our paths had never crossed at school though =)
  • RDH, that's so awesome! I love the happy accident types of meetings...my FI and i went to HS together, had some of the same friends, he even came to my apartment to visit my roommate once when I was not home. I am certain you meet people only when you are prepared to receive them and that is truely what it was like when we finally connected. :)
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_january-2012-weddings_gtky-did-fi-meet?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:5a1804e7-e8c8-4829-9e61-b9d49f3a9b5fDiscussion:2030bd09-f071-4139-aa6a-97aea267933fPost:86da77ff-5022-4929-9846-4682fa36b4fd">Re: GTKY: How did you and your FI meet?</a>:
    [QUOTE]RDH, that's so awesome! I love the happy accident types of meetings...my FI and i went to HS together, had some of the same friends, he even came to my apartment to visit my roommate once when I was not home. I am certain you meet people only when you are prepared to receive them and that is truely what it was like when we finally connected. :)
    Posted by sosie&fangman[/QUOTE]

    AWww!..that's such a sweet story!.. I totally agree!.. I was NOT looking for a boyfriend or anything at all.. and then, one day, God just dropped this wonderful, awesome, fabulous human being right into my lap---who just so happened to be my soulmate =)
  • My fiance and I met in our health class during our sophomore year in high school. We were going over marriage and family in class and were randomly assigned spouses for a project. I met my fiance when he was assigned as my husband. So he was my husband before he was even my boyfriend! ha. We both had "fat crushes" on each other but none of us had the courage to say it. We remained friends and began dating at the beginning of our senior year. We''ve been together for almost 6 years now! He's the best!
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  • Hi Ladies! Glad to see that the board has come alive! I must admit that I've been slacking, but I'm back.....

    Anywho, my FI and I have been knowning each other since Kindergarten. We lost touch after the 6th grade.  The next time we saw each other was sometime after high school.  While in college, I found out that we had mutual friends - his friends and me went to high school.  I'd seen him many times in college, but my attention was drawn elsewhere.  (You know your college days are filled with short term relationships and flings!)  He had been trying to date me for a long time, but I always disregarded it.  Here it is 2 weeks after I graduated from LSU, we were at the same graduation party.  When I saw him walk through the door, I suddenly realized my interest in him!  I watched him the ENTIRE night!  (Don't be alarmed - it wasnt in a creepy stalker way lol)  I decided that I'd approach him before I left the party, and sure enough, he had decided the same thing!  We went out for drinks after the party, and we've been together ever since!!! 
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