January 2012 Weddings

The audition was a flop!

Gotta love that LA traffic! We left our house with 2 hours of drive time available, I figured that would have been plenty according to the time google maps said it would take. WRONG! We arrived 30 minutes late and they were already in the room and not accepting anyone else. I was so mad! But I was trying to look on the bright side... at least I got to spend the whole day with my husband!

We had lunch at our favorite burger joint and then went to take a look at a car I had my eye on. Everything with the car worked out beautifully! I now have a 2012 Ford Escape! The payments are even less than my previous car! So the day wasn't a complete waste. I'll try to take a picture of it at lunch today and post it.
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Re: The audition was a flop!

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