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January 2012 Weddings

Planning too soon?

Im Getting married January 28th 2012, i've already started planning! Im hoping to have all the major tasks knocked out by this fall, next spring. is anyone else getting married around this time, and already planning?

Re: Planning too soon?

  • My wedding is actually in October 13, 2012, that's two years and six months away lol. Well I've been married for three years now but it was only through court we decided to have our big wedding on October 13 because our anniversary is on the 17th. The reason it is 2012 is because my brother in law will be getting out of jail in september 2011, that gives all of us some time to save as well. I was actually engaged once before and was planning this big wedding when my engagement went totally wrong and we ended up cancelling everything and breaking up, I remember how stressed I was planning that wedding and it was a year in advance that's why this time im trying to do little things along the way so the year of the actual wedding I don't go crazy:-). 
            My church gets the calendar in may 2011 so I have set my goal to pick a venue by then, in the mean time (because there are so many places to see) I have set one to two venue tours a month up until we book the church. Some of the places we tried to see are already booked for our date. It also takes a year for me to go through an RCIA class for church and then 6 months to talk to the priest also we must go through classes and retreats here and there. Our church only does 15 weddings a year and they book fast lol. I will be having a busy two and a half years so I will be trying to do as much as I can as early as possible :-). I saw it's never too early to plan, you can take your time, make many decisions, have time to save by DIY projects and if something goes wrong you have time to fix it.

    I set myself a calendar with goals and schedules also a binder where I keep what I like from bridal fairs/shows. Good luck with planning and if anyone needs ideas I can be pretty crafty at times and always willing to help lol. Congrats to all!!
  • Hello from a May 2010 bride! I started planning 14 months before my wedding and I have found that booking venue, caterer, music, florist early makes the planning virtually stress-free! IMO, no such thing as too early!
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  • I've already begun the planning for my January 14, 2012 wedding. I've been engaged for about 5 months and I've most concerned with the reception venue. My fiance and I are making our reception venue decision at the end of this month. So far, we've got our wedding party, colors, church, and a wedding website. I've been looking at center pieces and folowers online because i am picky when it comes to those things, lol.

    Great job planning early!

  • So glad im not the only one. Im the first in my family to get married so EVERYONE wants to be involved and help plan! we've already got the venue for reception booked and the church. I'd like to have the photographer booked and most BIG deposits made by december!
  • I'm having a January 13th wedding! It's a friday... everyone seems to think that's weird, but it fits us. My fiance and I have been engaged for 8 months already and I can't wait any longer. We've visited some venue's and are still trying to make up our mind about size, but I think we're almost settled on one place. Also, I bought my dress today! I didn't have any intentions of even trying something on, but my mom and I went, and it was there, and it was beautiful, and I just knew! I feel good about my purchase and I can't wait for my first fitting. 
    I'm excited to be planning early. I'm still in college so I'm trying to get as much done in the summer months as I can. The way I see it, I only have 6 months to plan this wedding! I'm so relieved I'm not the only person whose wedding is so far away, and who can't help but plan already! I may have jumped the gun today, but there's no turing back now!! :o)

    Good Luck!!
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    Kate - That's exactly what FI and I are doing... planning as much as we can in the two summers before the big day, because we're both in school still (yay for being a super senior, but I digress...) We're starting to look at our venues and want to have that finalized by August. And congratulations on finding your dress! I was watching Say Yes to the Dress this morning, and I totally started itching to go look... that probably won't happen for me until at least July, because my job has inventory all throughout June, and FI's sister is getting married... yadda yadda yadda... story of my life... but I totally want to go right this second! I have my eye on this beautiful little number by Maggie Sottero... Wink

    P.S. - Exactly 600 days to go!
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  • Cat24Cat24
    I've also started planning for my January 7th 2012 wedding, I figure the big ticket things should be done sooner rather than later and picking up little things like favors and such is always better to do while they're on sale and that can happen anytime....so no, I don't think it's too early to start planning...
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    Yay for January 12, 2012! Same date as me! :-)

    ....except i'm getting married on Jan 7! Oops! *hitsforeheadwithhand*

    I better show up on the right day!
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  • Cat24Cat24
    Does anyone have a theme picked out???

    I'm going with fire and ice as it totally suits me and the FH :) I'm always freezing and he's a heater :)
  • Our date is Jan, 20 2012. I just started planning and kinda feel a bit overwhelmed. Granted this is my first wedding and last, i just dont know where to even start with some of the stuff. I think our colors are going to be white(maybe silver) and dark purple. We are both winter lovers and wanted to get married outside. :-) That is how far we are at.
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    We are planning our wedding for the end of Jan. 2012 too. We are finding the things we love, venues, colors, BUDGET, etc. but were not booking anything yet. We are going to see thewould be ceremony an dreception venues at the end of July 2010. Just to see them, what they have to offer us and if it will work. Were not going tobook anything yet. I think its too soon. I did put a deposit on my dress already though. It was "the" dress and Im actually GLAD that I dont have to stress about the dress anymore. AND i got a delicious deal on it too :)Laughing
  • I'm getting married January 28, 2012 too! We already booked the church and are looking at reception venues now. I don't think it's too soon to plan... I dont want to be crazy trying to do everything right before the wedding. Where are you getting married?
  • I'm actually gettin married January 28th of 2012 as well! Congrats! I've already got my dress and bridesmaid dresses picked out. I would rather be able to take my time with something this big instead of having to rush and things go wrong. I'm planning on being able to have everything done a bit early in case something is wrong I have time to change it. Not to mention, my mom is 7 hrs away, his mom is 10 hrs away and one of my Matrons of Honor is about 13 hours away. So I need all the time I can get!
  • Too Cute! We are going along the lines of the princess and the Irish man! My colors are a light pink and clover green... I like the fire and ice though!
  • Hi Ladies,

    I dont think it's too soon, then again, I booked my ceremony and reception for January 14th, 2012. I've picked my centerpieces, favors, colors, wedding party and have meetings with JP's, DJs and Photographers. We've been engaged for over two and a half years, and together for 7, we see no need to rush, we're young and paying for this huge expense ourselves so we are planning now. By we I mean me.. my fiance just tells me to do as I wish and he'll show up :)

    I read something on a board, if you have enough time, spend only an hour a day on your wedding planning and get the big things booked as early as possible to reduce stress and not feel like you spent all your time for a year on only one day and become resentful.

    So far my biggest pet peeve is people telling me I have too much time, or venders not caring to call me cause I have 'plenty of time'. The way i look at it, I have to pay for this, I need the time to save, and if i were having a baby people would say, "it's going to grow up so quick!" i'm sure January 2012 will come before we know it!

    Congrats to you all! Happy planning!

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  • casjarcasjar
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    My Fiance and I are getting married January 7th, 2012, and we have already looked at venues. We are planning to book one next week! 
  • JCM10JCM10
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    My fiance and I are planning on a Jan 2012 wedding...but we haven't decided on a day yet. We don't want to do the 7th (too close to Christmas and we have a lot of out of state guests). Anyone have any pros/cons for the 14th/21st/28th? We'll be talking with our parents about it in August but for now we can't think of a reason not to do it the soonest date. 
  • JCM10 i went with the 14th myself because I am on a budget and I wanted the place to still be decorated from Christmas, ususally they take their decor down after little Christmas and i requested it be kept up so it's one less thing to worry about.

    Sosie, I have a bunch of ideas and turns on things i've been thinking of doing.. I started a blog to keep track, I figured even if i dont have followers it's like a diary for me to go back to.. http://shannonsbridalideas.blogspot.com/ Just a few ideas are on there, but there's some ideas ..

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  • I don't think it's too soon. I have already started planning for our wedding for October 6, 2012. At first I thought it was a little early, but then I recalled my first wedding and how stressful it was and how I wished things weren't so rushed.  I have contacted a few vendors, but have not put a deposit down yet. Since we are having an out of state wedding I have to wait until we are able to go and visit them in person. We decided on chocolate as our primary color and we are going to incorporate other fall colors like dark red and orange in our flowers.
  • I dont think your planning to soon at all my date is jan 13th 2012 i have already placed the deposit on my dress/venue/photographer. Its making the process very easy and stress free i have friends who had a year engagement and they were not able to enjoy it plus planning this far out you can work deals with vendors and try and find the best deal because you have time to research your not just jumping into things.
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  • Hi ladies,

    I'm getting married Dec 19, 2010. I started looking and getting ideas and narrowing down places I thought I wanted to look for things early, but didn't actually go visit any spaces or try on dresses or anything until May of this year and I'm feeling no stress and have all the big things knocked out.

    My only suggestion or concern is that if you put down money this early that you get it in writing that they can not charge you more if their prices change between  when you book and put down your money and your wedding. My reception venue offered a 10% discount if we paid in full up front rather than in installments. If you take advantage of something like that you don't want to be presented with a bill a month before the wedding because their prices went up $2000 and they feel you owe them money and you didn't get it in writing that they can't raise their price on you.

    Other than that, I say go ahead, have fun and save yourself some stress!
  • My FH and I are getting married January 6, 2012 (which is a Friday). :) He's in the Marine Corps, so we have to work around his schedule a lot with training. We did reserve the church, which we're also using for the recpetion, and we requested the Pastor. We're meeting with the photographer to finalize the contract next week...yay! :) I also have a lot of ideas about decorating and dresses and flowers and those kinds of things. I'm just trying to remember too, that FH can only take the wedding stuff in small doses or he goes a little crazy. We've been engaged for 4 months (since April) and he likes to be a part of the decisions but he doesn't like to talk about it all the time. I like having the long engagement because now I can buy a bunch of stuff after Christmas sales and not have to pay as much for the decorations I want. :) Our theme is going to be patriotic because he is a Marine and we've both totally embraced that and want that to be incorporated into our wedding. It's kind of nice that we're all starting our planning now cuz some people look at me like I'm crazy and everybody asks "Why do you want to be engaged for so long?"
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  • Hey, Im getting married January 28, 2012 as well. I was also wondering the same things you are. We got engaged May 15th, and are both super excited! But, so far I have booked my place and my photographer.We've also picked out colors, the bridal party and little things like that. Im in college so I am trying to make things as stress-free as possible. Plus, I am the first to get marriend amongst my friends and sisters, and so is my fiance, so it is hard not to get excited!  Good Luck! =)
  • I am gettign married January 21st, 2012
    I just went dress shopping and the lady at the bridal store looked at me like I was crazy when I told her the wedding date.
    I am the type of person that if I let things go to the last minute I get really really stressed.  I would rather get it dont so I can relax closer to the wedding.
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    kate- we have the same wedding date and people think its funny that its friday the 13th but i got a great deal because its a friday and its in jan on a yacht (no worries i live in so cal hehe) i cant wait good luck with the planning! JT they looked at me crazy too but hey id rather enjoy my engagement then be stressed and be a bridezilla haha i already have my dress i found it quick and didnt want to miss out on it
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  • We are planning for a January 27th 2012 wedding!!! I say 17months isnt even long enough to plan lol. Im worried we wont have enough time!!!!
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  • My wedding is going to be the 28th too!
    After we signed the paper to book the venue my dad looked at my fiance and asked why we picked a day that would be in playoff time for football! I'm only half sure he was joking... haha
    I've got a lot of stuff planned and I feel a little silly for doing it so soon, but everyone keeps telling me that the time is going to go by fast, and I really hope it does!
  • In Response to Re: Planning too soon?:
    [QUOTE]Our date is Jan, 20 2012. I just started planning and kinda feel a bit overwhelmed. Granted this is my first wedding and last, i just dont know where to even start with some of the stuff. I think our colors are going to be white(maybe silver) and dark purple. We are both winter lovers and wanted to get married outside. :-) That is how far we are at.
    Posted by kmerila[/QUOTE]

    our wedding is jan 20, 2012 also. i feel you. i have no clue where to start. i have the church booked for that day and the reception place booked on that date too. that's as far as ive gotten. haha, i really have no clue on where to start either. i bought a book from a book store on wedding planning that looks like it will help me out a lot. im thinking of going with a hunter green and white for the wedding colors. but still not very sure yet. im still looking around. planning on a small wedding since we're already living together and we have two baby girls (a 2 month old and a 22 month old). but not really sure how a small wedding will work out. GOOD LUCK :).
  • I think it's never too early to plan. My dad works in wedding bands and he has dates sometimes almost 3 years in advance. It's different with January because the off season means not every vendor will be busy, but some of the popular ones will fill up quick so I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Especially if you need to save $$$ to pay for things.

    My only advice to you is waiting a little bit to buy your dress. I bought too early and ended up buying two because I fell in love with a different one. Now I have a dress that I don't know what to do with because it's never been worn and I haven't been able to see it and you can't return those!

    Good luck with you planning!
  • I'm not sure there is such thing as too soon! We're getting married Jan 14, 2012 and we booked our venue back in October. We saw the place, knew it was the one and there were only 2 Saturdays left for Jan 2012. That tells me other people were already getting down to business.

    Right now we have a few things already squared away, our venue (ceremony and reception at the same place), Photographer & Videographer, DJ and Priest. Still need a rabbi though. We've already picked our wedding party and asked them to be part of our day. Colors are chosen, not really doing a "theme" just trying to channel "soft classic romance" so candles, lace nothing too glitzy. Picked out a cake topper and guest book but haven't bought them yet. Finished the registries (we know its early but FMIL is hosting engagement party this sat so we wanted it ready for that) ... what else... designed the surprise grooms cake my friend is sculpting for us. So to answer the original question too soon doesn't exsist. Laughing
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