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January 2012 Weddings

NWR Vent

I am so ticked off at Bank of America right now! I had some automatic payments set up but could not remember when they were to stop. I called BofA and the lady told me that she did not see any more automatic payments set up so I just needed to pay the amount due. I went online and made my payment, I checked my bank account yesterday and there were 2 payments for BofA! The automatic payment and the one I paid online. I called BofA and they new person I spoke with said they would credit back the online payment and apologized for the other persons goof up. Well today the damage is done and my bank account is overdrawn. I anticipate getting hit with fees because of that. This snafu is going to make my next paycheck super tight, I may have enough to pay my bills and thats about it.

It just ticks me off that I have to be the one to pay for someone else's mess up.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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